Handy Explains Why Quitting Social Media Improves Your Mental Health


With good comes evil. The immense advancement in information technology has brought the world almost at our fingertips but too much time spent on social media is actually bad for your health. Handy briefs you about the benefits of quitting social media altogether.

The Benefits

  1. Your posture improves – As soon as you say, ‘I am quitting social media’, you are off the electronic gadget. This immediately makes you sit up straight and your spine elongates. You realize that with your spine and head up, you are actually an inch taller of what you thought about yourself. The usual back pain that used to bother you is now on the decline.
  1. You get to meet actual people – Staying in the virtual world for a long time can make you forget that there are actual people around you. Once you keep your phone aside and look around you, you will find that there are real people around you who are concerned about your well-being. These people are not concerned about the number of comments, likes, or views. You enter into the real world and the feeling of empathy and emotion empowers you.
  1. The sense of freedom – As soon as you are sure of quitting social media, you are no longer bound to keep checking the messages first thing in the morning and the last thing at night before going to bed. You are no longer interested in what is happening in others’ lives. Instead, you can take a stroll in your free time and focus on your life. This new positive change allows you to experience a sense of freedom which was unimaginable when you were in the clutches of the virtual world.
  1. You get proper sleep – Believe it or not, you have the tendency of scrolling through your phone at night before going to bed. What you think would take just a couple of minutes stretches to a couple of hours as you get hooked to the new developments of your social media friends.

This reduces your sleeping hours and also the quality of sleep. Within a couple of days of quitting social media, you will be surprised to realize the improvement in the quality of your sleep. You get up early in the morning and become energetic to face the world.

  1. Self-esteem – On social media, you come across many success stories. Even though they may not be true as you cannot verify it, you start feeling low on your self-esteem. You start wondering what is lacking in you and what prevents you from attaining that pinnacle of success like others. Your work-life gets affected as your productivity level declines. Once you quit social media, you start believing in yourself and take each day as a challenge and face it with a renewed energy and vigor.


According to Handy, even though social media expands our network and knowledge, it can adversely affect your mental and physical health if you become addicted to it. There are other ways to experience happiness without using a digital gadget.

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