Has Working From Home Been A Success?

Many of us office workers have been forced into working from home during 2020 to combat the spread of the global pandemic caused by Covid-19 which has affected virtually all of us during these unprecedented times. However, there has been many mixed reviews from the working from home phenomena and below we discuss our thought on it.

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First of all, we believe that employees on a whole have enjoyed working from home and that they would like to see a split between office life and working from home life moving forwards. Employees have enjoyed the freedom from the office and being able to gain trust from their bosses by proving they are still able to work but from the comfort of their own homes. Not only that, but employees have been now noticing the monetary benefits from working from home which includes zero commuting to work therefore saving money on fuel and/or train tickets, eating from home with is of course cheaper and certainly healthier and due to these types of benefits, many workers don’t want to return to the office after the virus passes.

Furthermore, looking at the working from home movement from the employer’s perspective, when they were first told that business would have to work from home if possible, there certainly was an element of uncertainty as to how successful working from home would be. There was a huge element of trust that the employers have had to put in their workforce during this period and has enables bosses to find out which staff they can trust and which staff they can’t. Working from home has ensured that bosses have been able to track how productive each employee has been meaning that they can track the progress of each employees working day. Also, it has highlighted to them which staff should be rewarded after the working from home saga due to their hard work and which members of staff have clearly slacked in the working from home period and have taken advantage of the system.

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