Healthy Bearing Offer Smooth Machine: Mastering Bearing Care with These Essential Maintenance Tips

Can you guess the similarity between a clock, a cycle, and heavy machines? The SR Bearings (ตลับลูกปืน LM Guide SR, which is the term in Thai) help in the smooth operation of any rotating object.

However, they require regular upkeep to remain functional over time. In either case, this will extend the bearing’s life span. Moreover, it will help avoid the problems that frequently lead to bearing failure and, ultimately, expensive downtime. So, let’s go right into the vital bearing maintenance tricks.

Top Essential Maintenance Tips

Any bearing will fail in the long run, no matter how well placed or maintained—specifically, the rolling contact surfaces of the wheels and the racetrack surfaces.

Every element goes through repetitive compression stresses, and the surfaces eventually flake. Since rolling bearings are precise machine parts, the following should be kept in mind when working with them:

· Check The Friction And The Lubricant Level.

Since friction is the primary cause of most bearing erosion, you should apply adequate industrial lubrication. Besides, for a lengthened lifespan, using oils and greases as lubricants minimizes friction. Technicians must monitor the lubrication levels and ensure their use is clean and of high enough grade to reduce friction in the bearing.

· Always Implement Appropriate Tools

First, keep bearings clean, dry, and at room temperature in the original packing while laying them flat. Avoid using multi-purpose tools while dealing with bearings. Use caution when applying lubricant, as some implements, such as cotton swabs, might leave behind pollutants. Wearing gloves when handling it is best since sweat and other impurities on the hands can cause corrosion.

· Prevent Overheating and Preheating.

The bearings’ maximum operating temperature is affected by the material’s heat treatment. Overheating them can permanently deform or soften the bearing steel, reducing its load-carrying ability and eventually leading to a failure if the temperature stays high enough. Never use an open flame to heat the bearings; induction heaters are the only safe option.

· Get an Expert Aid From the Professionals.

Last but not least, always check with an expert. Bearing problems can be challenging to diagnose without the assistance of a professional who can advise you on the best upkeep method. Today’s most efficient and profitable maintenance management technique is online asset monitoring software. Sending your bearings to professionals for inspection and, if necessary, relubrication may solve the issue.

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