Help Your Customers Protect and Beautify Their Cars  

According to AAA, Americans spend a whopping 17,600 minutes in their cars annually. That amounts to a little more than 293 hours in a vehicle. About 25 minutes per day of that goes to a work commute, so it makes sense to make your car like your second home. You can help your customers do just that by offering wholesale auto floor mats that help them protect their investment.

A car floor mat protects the carpeting the manufacturer installed to ensure the beauty and comfort of the vehicle when sold off the lot. Purchasing wholesale auto floor mats or carpets lets you offer the customers at your car wash, used car lot, auto parts store, convenience store or variety store a valuable item that every customer needs.
You can choose from numerous styles and color schemes. A multitude of manufacturers craft these carpet covers in fashion lines, all-weather lines and reproductions of those that came off the line in classic cars. The latter helps those looking to restore that cherry 1963 Corvette Stingray convertible to make the interior look perfect.

Depending on their type and style, these may come in carpet, PVC or rubber. Their sizes vary and each design comes in multiple sizes. Typically, compact cars require the smallest size, while trucks and SUVs require the largest. Vehicles with unique body styles typically have custom floor mats or carpet covers.

So, what kind of looks can you help your customers achieve? Offering fashion car flooring means providing stylish choices in wholesale auto floor mats like leopard or tiger prints, zebra stripes or Hawaiian prints. For the more conservative décor, choose black, tan or grey houndstooth floor covers. You can look out for your sports fans, too. A large selection of all-weather licensed sports flooring also exists. Whether your locality favors professional or college sports, you can supply the flooring that lets them customize their ride. Choose from flooring for universities, pro baseball and football.

Most designs come in a four-piece set. This means the sedan owner can cover the footrest area of each the four main seats. Those owning a two-seater sports car will find they have enough for two cars. You’ll find some three-piece sets, too. These typically fit a two-seater car with the third piece protecting the “hump” or gear shift area.

Wherever you live, offer all-weather flooring covers for the cars. These sturdy protectors absorb water and when snow melts on them, they act as a diaper for the carpet beneath, ensuring that it does not get wet. Typically made of rubber and absorbent carpet fibers, it looks good while protecting. You can offer your customers solid colors or prints.


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