Hen Do in Vegas: Is it worth visiting the Casino? 

Hen dos are a relatively new idea, and they are something that every bride wants to have – a great memory of time with their friends and family before they tie the knot. It used to  be that a hen night consisted of visiting a restaurant and then going on to a club. Then it progressed to nights away in the UK or at so that more could be fit in. And now hen dos are often carried out abroad and can last for a week or more. 

A popular hen do destination is Las Vegas, and there certainly is a lot to do there. One of the biggest draws for anyone visiting ‘Sin City’ is always going to be the casinos, but is this something that is worth doing on a hen do?

Can’t Be Missed

The one thing that everyone will think about immediately when you say you are going to Las Vegas is the casinos. They are such a huge, integral part of the city, that many people wouldn’t know what else you would go there for. Of course, there are plenty of other activities around – the Grand Canyon isn’t too far, for example – but the idea of going to Las Vegas and not playing at least a few slots and probably something more will confuse a lot of people.

The truth is that the casinos just can’t be missed when you’re in Las Vegas, and they shouldn’t be since they are a lot of fun. 

More Than Slots

The first thing you will see when you walk into pretty much any casino, and certainly the ones in Las Vegas, as the slot machines. These are easy to play, they’re a lot of fun, and they pay out fairly regularly, so they are usually put at the entrance to casinos because it brings more visitors in. 

Yet there is a lot more to casinos than just the slots. Firstly, there are other games you can play including roulette, craps, blackjack, and poker. If you want to feel glamorous and special on your hen night then these table top games are the ones to really go for – you’ll make some amazing memories, and you might even win some of your money back (although never assume this is going to happen or you’ll take away from the fun – always have a budget to play with that you stick to and you’ll enjoy yourself a lot more). 

Not Just Games

The casinos in Las Vegas are much more than just places you can go to play various different games. They are entire entertainment venues, and that means there is always something fun to do even if you no longer want to play slots or blackjack or anything else. 

There will often be spas, for example, and even if the hotel you’re staying in doesn’t offer a spa feature, somewhere nearby will. The great thing about the hotels in Vegas is that you can often use the facilities even if you’re not a guest (although you may have to pay to do this). There are also plenty of shows on offer including some big star names, and these have to be seen to be believed and truly experienced! 

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