Here’s why you need disability insurance!

Dealing with disability insurance claims is anything but easy, no matter whether this is about SSD & SSI or long-term disability insurance. When you are out of work and have so much to handle, hiring a lawyer may seem like a big concern, given that many law firms would even charge for looking at your papers. However, working with a Boston Mutual disability claims lawyer can be incredibly useful. Even when your claim is denied, you may have the scope to file for an appeal. Here are some solid reasons why you definitely need a disability lawyer by your side. 

  1. Handling the forms and evidence. Sadly, a considerable number of disability claims are denied because of very flimsy reasons. Also, there are numerous cases, where people just don’t understand the forms and requirements to claim the benefits they are entitled to. With a disability lawyer, you have a higher chance of a successful claim. Smart people prefer to work with an attorney because it takes off the hassle of understanding laws and insurance aspects that are inherently complicated. 
  2. Experience is key. Most disability lawyers have a vast understanding and knowledge of applications and claims. They know what evidence will count and if certain evidence has the weight to carry your claim forward. Sorting legal issues and ensuring that everything is done as per strict requirements get easier with a disability lawyer by your side. 
  3. Win or pay nothing. Depending on your circumstances, your lawyer may take your disability claim or appeal on a contingency basis. This simply means that they only charge their fee, if they win. Also, your lawyer cannot take away a big percentage of the compensation, but something that is the norm. 

The first meeting with a disability lawyer is usually for free. You have the right to ask as many questions as possible, so insist on meeting the lawyer in person. Ensure that the lawyer has experience with circumstances and clients similar to yours. Don’t shy away from discussing what you expect from your claim and be realistic with your approach with the lawyer. Top disability lawyers will be happy to offer a complimentary consultation, so if you don’t like the concerned attorney in the first meeting, you can always choose someone else. 

Final word

Hiring a disability lawyer is entirely your personal call, but to be sure that your claim is not denied, or you appeal successfully after denial, this is almost necessary. 

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