History of Cbd Oil and Its Health Benefits

There are lots of stories circulating around CBD oil and its products. What many people don’t see to understand is the long history of CBD. Knowing the origin of CBD can help many people change their perception of CBD. Based on other stories you have heard from your friends, it will be very useful to go through this article because you will be able to know the history, benefits and much more information about the hemp plant and CBD.

A Brief Introduction to CBD

CBD which is scientifically known as cannabidiol is one of the compounds found in the cannabis plant. There are various strains of the cannabis plant from which you can obtain this cannabinoid. However, a high percentage of this plant is found on the hemp plant. As opposed to marijuana which is known to possess psychoactive effects associated with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Today, you will discover that not many states have restricted the growing, processing and usage of CBD. This is because CBD oil for pain has less to do with the psychoactive effects but instead has more than the imaginable health benefits. You can buy oil inform of tinctures/oils, topicals/creams, vapes, capsules, and edibles.  Some CBD gummies come inform of isolates, full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD oil. So be sure to make an appropriate choice whenever you want to buy CBD oil.

The Hemp plant and its History

Unlike many plants that we can’t even trace their background, hemp has a lot of history. Around 8000 BC, hemp usage was discovered in Taiwan where it was used discovered in potteries. Between 2000 and 6000 BC, there are records which indicated that hemp oils and seeds ware sources of food among the Chinese people. By 4000BC, textiles and bowstrings made of the hemp plant were common in China. Based on the records, it said that in the 19th century, Queen Victoria used CBD extracted from the hemp plant to alleviate pain associated with mensuration cramps. The colonist who left England for America arrived in ships tied using hemp ropes. This signified that hemp was widely cultivated in England.

How we Discovered CBD

In ancient times, when Shen Yeng (Chinese emperor and the father of medicine) authorized the publication Pen Ts’au, there was no clear indication of how cannabis helped in healing many ailments. Dr roger Adams who graduated from the University of Illinois discovered cannabidiol (CBD) in the 1940s. as much as he didn’t know much about this cannabinoid. This led to another discovery by Dr. Raphael Mechoulam when he isolated CBD in 1963 based on its structure and made further studies on its effects on the human endocannabinoid system.

The way we use Hemp at present

  • Hemp has been used to make oil, beer, and milk
  • Hemp stalk is full of cellulose that can make strong and flexible plastics
  • Hemp seeds can produce oil which can be used to make biodiesel
  • Hemp has been used to make skincare, soaps, air conditioner, and shampoo
  • Used in making textiles such as ropes, clothes, diapers, and papers

CBD and the Medical Use


CBD as a Phyto cannabinoid weakly binds with the CB1 receptor in our ECS. This action prevents the production of glutamate transmitters. This process maintains healthy brain activities and as a result, protect our brain from seizures. 

Inflammation and pain

We all know that CBD oil for pain has anti-inflammatory properties. This property is based on the fact that the interaction of cannabidiol and ECS lead to an increase in the production of anandamide. This endocannabinoid helps in the management of inflammation and as a result, reduce pain related to inflammation.

Depression, stress, and anxiety

CBD oil benefits include improving 5HT-1A serotonin receptor12 signals. The serotine is the only receptor in the brain that helps with mood regulation. With the ability of CBD gummies to improve the level of the serotine receptor in the brain, you will be calm and with a balanced mood. this has been demonstrated to manage stress, anxiety, and depression.


CBD gummies when used improves the level of adenosine neurotransmitters. Adenosine operated in the ECS by regulating sleep patterns and create energy. This will ensure you have a sound sleep to allow you to concentrate on your activities the following day.

How CBD is Merchandised today

If you ever want to buy CBD oil for pain, then find out the best form of CBD oil for pain. This is because they are normally sold in different forms such as tinctures, topicals, vapes, capsules, and edibles. To find your perfect choice, you can buy CBD oil from dispensaries, manufactures website or even from online stores such as amazon.

Final Thoughts

For all that time since CBD was discovered, it has always shown potential health benefits rather than the side effects that many associated with THC. The only way to get the best out of CBD is to use the appropriate CBD dosage. you can also see your doctor if you feel the side effects that you can’t tolerate.

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