Honest Ways To Cheat At Online Slots

The only thing better than the thrill of playing slots is the rush of adrenalin when you win. The unmistakable sound of money dropping sends shivers down your spine whilst the bright flashing lights entice you in for one more lucky spin. However it can be tough playing for prolonged periods without a payday and so it’s only natural to want to maximise any chances you have at winning at You don’t want to be sneaky and cheat because not only is it morally wrong but it’s also against the law too. Lucky for you, we’ve come up with several ways you can keep your conscience clear and cheat honestly at online slots.

Play slots for free

The first way you can cheat fairly at online slots is to play for free. With so many online casino websites competing, developers have had to outwit each other to get the attention of punters looking for a slot game to play. One way has been to offer free rounds of a player’s favourite game. Take advantage of this lucrative offer and play as many free games as you possibly can. Not only is it great fun but also free games help a player to adjust to the style of play. By familiarising with a games theme, plot and features, a player can also be much better prepared to play with real money. This way you’re not wasting valuable funds getting used to a slot and can get straight into making the big bucks. You’re not breaking any rules so there’s no need to worry about getting in trouble either. This really is one of the most honest ways to cheat at an online slot.

The next way you can cheat fairly at online slots is a little more work and can have mixed results, but we still think it’s definitely worth a try. When you first start playing free rounds at the beginning of your game play, count the average number of spins between each win. They won’t always be the same but more often than not are around a similar amount. Once you have a good idea of the average amount between each one, you can predict roughly when you are due a win. In doing so you can place bets more tactically; identifying when you are more likely to strike up a winning combination. Players can then place smaller more inconsequential bets during low chance periods, then increase to high stake bets when they are due a win. Like we said, this one isn’t always a guarantee so we recommend always starting your bets at a minimum amount just to get a feel of things. For the most part however, slot games tend to fall into familiar patterns so it can prove extremely profitable if this method pays off.  Overall, we don’t condone cheating at slot games in the classical sense of using fake coins or powerful magnets, which fix the odds unfairly and give no sense of satisfaction when you win. However our honest ways of cheating fairly use just your own cunning ability to outwit the system. So as always, bet responsibly and have fun!

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