How Businesses Should Deal With Disabled Customers

What’s the golden rule of good business? A strong contender is to never alienate potential patrons. This applies to all clients indiscriminately, including persons with disabilities. However, handicapped people frequently feel excluded by many mainstream businesses. Therefore, businesses who show serious commitment to disability concerns earn themselves both excellent publicity and a fresh base of loyal consumers.

Physical Support

When considering the problems of the handicapped in society, one factor is that so few public spaces are user-friendly for disabled individuals. The Americans with Disabilities Act lays out the legal framework for accommodating the blind and the physically challenged. Much of this legislation deals with employment issues, for instance, unlawful discrimination. Other sections define ways in which architecture can create a safe and inviting environment, particularly as it pertains to wheelchairs, walkers, crutches and canes. Still more articles discuss the regulations around transportation, assistive technology, service animals and similar miscellaneous matters.

Social Support

Disability etiquette Philadelphia goes far beyond meeting the minimum standards for handicapped accessibility. A place of business should be as personally welcoming as it is physically. Good customer service for disabled people looks slightly different, but not by much. Be ready to render assistance if asked to do so, as tactfully as possible and on the customer’s terms. Pay attention to the customer and not to any companions. Most importantly, don’t make a big deal of people’s disabilities. Ultimately, a handicap is one part of a whole human being who has the same right to dignity as everyone else. Remembering this fact and practicing sound judgment, your customer interactions should run smoothly.

Physically, the cost for businesses to comply with disability laws needn’t be high. Morally, treating handicapped clients with equal respect costs nothing, and may even pay off by attracting new customers. Every business can benefit from adopting progressive policies toward the disabled.

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