How is cerakote useful?

Cerakote is a chemical material which is a mixture of polymer and ceramic substances. This chemically formulated mixture is very popular for coating. The mixture is made of rich quality, which provides excellent coating results than any other chemical mixture.

Superior properties used in cerakote.

The cerakote coating is useful to coat or for the layering of firearms. Let’s see how it is effective on the firearm.

Rust resistance

The cerakote is used in salt solutions for rust resistance. If you accidentally drop the firearm in saltwater, it will not be damaged. The cerakote acts like a cover to protect your gun. As most of the firearms contain iron or aluminum materials, this rust resistance in cerakote is useful.


A test conducted on cerakote coating says that it comes with 9 H pencil hardness. Moreover, there is also a 6 H rating for the scratch resistance. This ensures that your firearm will not be damaged because of scratches or nails.


The application of cerakote provides a proper fit and finish for your firearm. It has the correct thickness that provides convenience to hold. The fit is precise and makes it flexible to use.

Wear and tear resistance

The cerakote’s resistance to any wear and tear is amusing. When comparing with other coatings the cerakote material provides more protection, thickness, and resistance.

Cerakote is used in the protection of the firearm

Most of the firearms use materials such as iron and aluminium. Due to these materials, it is easily destroyed. There are more possibilities of damage to the firearm physically. To protect your firearm from damages, the cerakote layering can be used. The cerakote contains scientific chemicals that are suitable to protect the firearm. The ceramic and polymer materials are the major substances that help in avoiding natural damages.

Steps to apply the cerakote coating

  • Many may think that this coating process is easy. However, it is essential to know the proper method to apply the cerakote coating. Follow the below instructions to know the proper method and seek further assistance from a professional if necessary.
  • The first step is to disassemble the gun completely. Field stripping is not preferred, complete disassembling is needed.
  • The next step is to degrease the gun and blast it with the help of a garnet stand. This task is needed for the removal of any effective oil. If there is any oil residue, there may be issues in the functioning.
  • Now, apply the cerakote coating evenly with the help of an HVLP spray gun. If the application is not even or if there is no proper thickness, the firearm may not function in the future.
  • If you want the coating to last long, then the oven cure process is necessary. The metal parts should be kept at 250 degrees, and the polymer parts should be kept at 180 degrees.
  • This process will allow help in coating the firearm with thick and long-lasting cerakote.

Cost and worth of cerakote

Many may think whether cerakote coating is a good investment or not. However, it can be said that the cerakote is completely worthy. It helps to reduce the maintenance cost and increase the durability of the firearm. The coating protects the firearm from all kinds of cosmetic damages.

Moreover, cerakote is easily available in different colours and designs. If you have a collection of forearms, then you can experience the unique coating of cerakote in every firearm.

Therefore, if you want your firearm to be in good condition and to last long, then use the creakote.

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