How Much Does a Bail Bond Cost?

If you don’t have extra savings, you may not have enough money to cover the cost of bail for yourself or a relative. However, you can get a bail bond, which is usually cheaper. But you should consider how much Pennsylvania bail bonds cost. That way, you can determine if getting a bond is worth it or if you can find the funds to pay the bail yourself.


Bail for a misdemeanor can cost anywhere from under $100 to around $5,000. The only time it should exceed that is if you have a DWI because the bail can be higher depending on your blood alcohol level or prior record. A bail bond is typically 10 percent of the cost of the entire bail amount, and you will pay that small portion to a bondsman. The exact cost of the bail can depend on a lot of things, so you should attend your bail hearing to get the amount that the judge sets for you.


As a felony is a bigger crime than a misdemeanor, you will usually have to pay more for bail for this type of crime. Felony bail can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $50,000, and it might be more than that. Like with misdemeanors, various factors can affect the final cost. If you can’t afford to pay for bail, that would be a good time to look for a bail bond. These bonds are also around 10 percent, so you could pay anywhere from $100 to $5,000 for your portion.

If you find yourself guilty of a DWI, speeding or some other crime, you may face some jail time. Luckily, getting a bail bond can reduce the cost of bailing yourself out of jail. Keep the cost in mind when searching for a bail bondsman.

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