How Slick Tiles will Supercharge Your Game

Slick tiles are the rave these days. Also known as dryland tiles, they can absolutely bring an extra amount of power to your game if you practice with them regularly. Since a lot of people are choosing to practice from home these days, they are becoming very popular. Learn how to supercharge your hockey game so when you get back on that ice, you will destroy your opponents.

You can practice sharpening these skills:

  • Scoring points
  • Passing skills
  • Stickhandling
  • Shooting

Practice Scoring Points

These tiles are made to replicate the slick smoothness of ice. When you set them up you can integrate a shooting tarp, or even a makeshift goal to practice. Set your pucks up in a way that allows you to get them without having to interrupt your shots. One right after the other, strengthen your shots by focusing on the areas that need work. If you know that you are lacking in a particular shot, keep doing the same shot over and over until you get it perfect.

Practice Passing Skills

You can use slick tiles to practice your passing skills with some help from a Passmaster. Take the extra time to hone your passing skills by setting up the Passmaster in a way that sends the pucks right back to you so you can continually focus on passing the puck. It doesn’t have to be full out swing passes to bring power into your game. Strategic placement of the puck with the right pressure is how to gain precision and even a little patience into your skillset.

Practice Stickhandling

Sniper’s Edge slick tiles are built to withstand the wear and tear of hockey players. This means they are tough. You can spend hours honing your stickhandling skills with the help of a stickhandling trainer and not have to worry about ruining your tiles. The best athletes in the world have had to improvise training methods at one time or another because of the ever-changing needs of the game. Training from home, by yourself, can actually give you an extra edge because your body and mind are learning how to adapt. Even if you have to focus on passing that puck back and forth between your right and left hands, the slick tiles will help build the skills it takes to master your stick.

Practice Shooting Skills

Unless you haven’t noticed, shooting and scoring points are two different things. Sometimes you have to shoot from the other end of the rink to get closer to the goal. Maybe this can be considered passing, but if you are aiming for the goal it is considered shooting. Use your tiles as a way to improve your long shots. It is a work of art when a shooter slaps that puck across the floor without flaw and into the goal. Because of the slick design of the tiles, it is possible to make those long shots. Although they are tiles, the edges snap together virtually seamlessly and you can’t see, or feel the connectors when they are laid out.

Stay Consistent

When you get a great set of shooting tiles set up in your home there is no excuse for you not to practice. Take the time and make the effort to continually hone your skills. The greatest players in the world got where they are by being consistent and continually sharpening their games. It is not only possible but easy to practice at home when you have a great set of slick, dryland tiles.

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