How the Poker Players really Succeed: Some Tips for You

There are many poker players who, as they accumulate experience and victories, have a little thought in their heads that from “idea” turns into “fixation” to pursue a career as a professional poker player. When we say professional players, we mean those individuals who play poker as a job, and therefore not very good players who also occasionally play international or expensive tournaments.

With this article we do not want to discourage anyone, on the contrary we can only be pleased if you manage to reach such high levels of play, but we want to bring you to reflect on a choice that concerns a game but is not a game.

The first step

First of all, you must consider how long your dominoqq online playing career has lasted, not only look at how much money you have won, but just how many hands you have played, if you have only played online or even offline as they are two very different things.

It must be borne in mind that poker is a game based on strategy certainly but when for example two players of equal level collide them more than strategy you need luck who sends the good cards.

At this point ask yourself:

Can you afford the ups and downs of a poker player’s career? Can you afford to earn nothing but spend a lot for weeks or months?

  • The answer may be yes when you have a certain account set aside that is only for your poker expenses, and another account with enough money to pay your daily expenses which may also include mortgage, car payments and various bills.
  • With the unstable economy of this period, you will also have to keep in mind that if you leave your current job to throw yourself full time into a career as a professional player, it does not mean that in case of failure or if you get tired, you will be able to resume your old job or find another one.
  • One piece of advice we can give is to always do the math well before leaving a job that allows you to live in dignity, because it is not certain that in the long run your poker career will lead you to do the same.

After defining the budget that you are willing to spend, it is also necessary to decide what the limits to be reached will be, in terms of winnings and losses. In principle, 200 units at a loss are enough to leave the game. The winning limit is obviously reached when you have a profit. Generally a profit equal to 20% (or 40 units) is sufficient.


It is better to always keep a main job, or at least a part time job that is able to guarantee you the necessary income for the bills and payments that you have to pay daily / monthly, do not be dazzled by a big win at an important tournament, do at least 1-2 years of serious poker playing while keeping your job.


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