How to Business Setup In Meydan Free Zone

The Meydan Free Zone is located in the heart of Dubai, and its competitiveness in terms of startup costs while maintaining high standards for ease of incorporation and company formation, including a prime location for businesses, are just some of the reasons why businesses worldwide have come to accept the opportunities for growth that company formation in free zones presents.

The  Meydan Free Zone is a significant draw for the Meydan development in Dubai. The building of several business parks, schools, commercial projects, entertainment facilities, including those for equestrian competitions, hotels, retail malls, and residential villas, is included in this project. Additionally, it acts as a venue for significant corporate gatherings and conferences.

Meydan free zone was established to provide business setup services to almost every kind of organisation, from flexible office space for startups or freelancers to commercial solid office space for large corporations in the heart of Dubai. Whatever the size or scope of your company, this free zone can accommodate you.

The Benefits of Establishing a Business in the Meydan Free Zone

  • Licensing and registration procedures that are simple and efficient
  • Expats and single proprietors may own the whole firm.
  • Adjacent to Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City and the Dubai Logistics Corridor, the hotel is strategically positioned.
  • Capital repatriation on a one-to-one basis
  • Eligible to get a resident visa in Dubai
  • Eligible to acquire a certificate of tax residency
  • Available for Flexi-desk operations Premier location in the centre of Dubai
  • Personal and business tax holidays guaranteed for 50 years
  • A controlled and secure environment.

Legal Entities Permitted in the Meydan Freezone

  • Establishment of a Free Zone
  • Limitation of liability Types of Licenses Issued in Meydan Freezone

Commercial License – firms may conduct import and export activities and trade in a variety of items. There is currently no accessible warehouse space.

Consultancy License – for professionals engaged in consulting and outsourcing.

License for Media – for media activities such as communications, advertising, and marketing.

The Advantages of Meydan Freezone Business Registration

  1. Corporate directors are not permitted; however, one director is required.
  2. No bearer shares are allowed.
  3. All fully paid shares must be allocated.
  4. It is not permitted to share a class with another.
  5. A minimum share capital of AED 100,000 is needed for each new business and subsidiary.
  6. This increased share capital requirement does not apply to corporate branches.
  7. At all times, the shareholder or attorney must be physically present in the free zone.
  8. Every business must have a manager – a natural person – who should function under the company’s visa and their name on the licence.
  9. Restrictions on Names: Each name must conclude with the phrase “LLC-FZ” or as otherwise specified.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information on other critical areas of business creation in  Meydan Free Zone, such as audit requirements, visa eligibility, and facilities provided, as well as other applicable regulations regulating company setup and registration.

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