How to Care for Your Aging Parent

If you are struggling to figure out how to help your parent who is growing old, there are many options that exist to make it easier for you to manage, while they can still maintain their independence.

Help with Doctor’s Appointments

When your parent begins to develop medical issues, it may be a good idea to stay informed about their conditions and medications associated with health care. With your mother or father’s permission, staying in contact with their caregiving team, and most importantly, their physician, will help ease your worries about whether or not they are following care instructions or taking medications as prescribed. In addition, if you can, you should try to accompany them to their appointments as well.

Consider Home Health Care

Home health care is a great alternative to having your parent go into a retirement or assisted living community. They can enjoy all of their normal activities and hobbies from their own home, while receiving the medical care that they need. To find home health care agencies near you, it is easy to do some research on the internet. A search for “washington dc home health care” will yield a list of places in Washington, DC, where you can compare what matches your needs.

Assist with Chores and Errands

If your parent is living alone, it may be difficult for them to complete tasks such as cooking and keeping their house clean. Try to coordinate a schedule to help out with chores once a week, or drive your parent to the grocery store to do their shopping. If you have siblings, you can divide tasks and spread them out so your parent will be getting assistance with everything they need, without putting the burden on one person.

With these tips, you are sure to find a care plan for your parent that benefits everyone involved.

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