How to Choose a Septic Company

One-third of American households rely on septic systems to process their household waste. If you are a member of one of these households, chances are, you have or will run into septic system challenges. Before you start searching “septic tank Orlando FL,” consider the following tips for choosing a septic company.


Plumbing and septic companies must be licensed. Do not choose companies that are not licensed as they may not be credible. To check the company’s license, you can call the state or company. You want to work with a licensed company that hires licensed employees. These companies tend to provide faster, higher quality service.


Your septic company should carry general liability and workers’ compensation insurance. The general liability insurance protects you in case your property is damaged while the company’s employees are servicing your system. Workers’ compensation insurance protects you from lawsuits if an employee is hurt on your property.


Your septic company should offer more than just installation or pumping. Consider companies that also offer inspections, removals and regular maintenance services.

In addition, the company should provide excellent customer service. The employees should be available when you call, and they should treat you with kindness. They should listen to your needs and schedule your service within a reasonable amount of time. The company should also offer emergency assistance in the case of system failure.


General plumbers may not understand all the components of a septic system, so you want a company that has specific septic system training. This training will also include state and federal regulations concerning waste disposal.

Permit Experience

Because plumbing and septic work typically requires permits, you need a company that is familiar with the permitting process and has experience getting permits for septic system work. You want your permits to be quickly approved so your septic work can be completed efficiently, especially during an emergency.

Don’t choose the first company in the search engine. Find a reputable company that will take care of all your septic system needs.

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