How to Choose the Most Cost-Effective Super Markets Near Me

When searching, you will find there are a lot of super markets near me. With so many options, how do you decide on a grocery store? There are different criteria you can go on, including variety, price, and convenience. For many people, the grocery store list tends to consist of a pretty regular set of items. However, those items aren’t the same from person to person, as different people have different diets and different tastes. Since everyone may have different grocery store staples each person also has his or her own preferred routine. The secret to finding the best super markets near me is to pick one that sells those staples you buy consistently at the best price and also meets your other needs.

First, keep track of the items that you regularly shop for at the store. Check the items that are popping up in your cart week after week, such as eggs, oatmeal, cheese, or milk. You can figure this out by looking at the last couple of months of grocery receipts. Don’t worry too much about the unusual items you buy. If you only buy these items every few months, you don’t need to include them.

Next, set up a price comparison table. Write down the items you are buying regularly and be specific. Note the brand you buy and the size you choose. Keep track of how many of those items you buy in a typical month. Then make several columns next to it and write the name of the stores you want to compare. Include the stores you are willing to shop at but you can also be open to more stores. Make sure the stores are within the same radius as the store you are currently going to regularly. Saving money on groceries won’t do you much good if you are spending more money on gas to get to a different store. Now, once you have the table, start to fill in prices for those items at the store where you currently shop. Use receipts to fill in the prices or take a look the next time you are there. Even if you aren’t buying the items on your next regular shopping trip, take your list with you and then note the price of the items. Once you have the price of a single item, be sure to multiply it by the number of items you are buying in the month.

Select the store that has the lowest price for a month of staples as your go-to grocery store. You may find that your regular store is best but it’s also likely that another store saves you a lot of money each month. With shopping at the new store, you will find that your grocery bill will go down permanently.

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