How to Find Your Ideal Photographer

Your wedding photography Singapore is crucial.

But picking a wedding photographer is never an easy task.

You’ll probably be concerned about whether the photographer got the appropriate angles or managed to catch the moving moments.

Here are some guidelines to help you select the ideal photographer:

Discover Your Style


These are candid or unplanned shots rather than a sequence of posed ones. You will receive personalized images that, while they may not be perfect, were great in capturing the true mood and ambience of the location.


Select a portraiture specialist if you want elegant, traditional photos of you and your lover. Posted photos are combined with dramatic backgrounds in the photographer’s manner. The bridal dress is the major subject, and it is intended to convey its grandeur and beauty.


With its skewed angles and unusual framing, it takes a unique approach.

As the emphasis is on close-up images, the wedding dress is put into the background in this type of photography.


The wedding photographer will try to employ his own originality to make your pictures unique and give them a dreamy, cinematic sense.

The couple is mostly in focus in the images, with the background softened.

Complex lighting techniques are used in dramatic settings to produce a larger-than-life appearance.

The disadvantage is that it takes time, and if you pose in challenging conditions, your wedding dress can get damaged.



Examine the Facebook and Instagram accounts of your potential photographers to see how active they are there.

How do they handle comments made online?

Are the ratings favourable?

Do they accept criticism and consider the viewpoint of the client?

Set Up Interviews

Set up appointments with at least three of the photographers who made the shortlist.

Inform them of your needs after confirming their availability and price.

Define the covering you desire for your wedding dress, the reception site, and the attendees.

View Wedding Albums

You’re seeing the best of the best since the photographer frequently selects their best images from various weddings to the spotlight. That has the drawback that you won’t have a complete picture of their output. To obtain a better concept of how your entire collection of images will look after the wedding, go at complete albums in settings that are comparable to those you have in mind.


Analyze an album taken by a photographer critically. Is the arrangement of the lighting, the composition, and the tale appropriate? He either chooses good smiling pictures or sad, private moments between the pair. Regardless, a professional photographer must have a portfolio of their photography services to showcase to clients.

Photographer’s Personality

Select a person who listens well and makes you feel comfortable right away. They should be well-mannered because you don’t want the photographer to bother or offend any visitors; instead, you want them to capture them in their best possible light without being overbearing.


In the majority of photo studios, there is a team of photographers. Choose a person who appeals to your senses. Make sure the photographer who will capture your wedding is the one you interview and “connect” with. If the primary photo shoot is focused on portraits or fine art, hire a second photographer to cover candid photos.

Choose your Package Carefully

It’s crucial to learn what is covered by the base package as well as the price range for any optional extras, such as an engagement shoot, special effects, or extra coverage, so you can compare costs. Make a list of the elements you want in your wedding session, and then choose a photographer who confirms their availability, offers a bridal studio package Singapore you can afford, and isn’t afraid to put in extra time if necessary.


To avoid any misunderstandings, discuss the post-production specifics with the photographer before signing. Make sure to ask these:

  • How many photos can I anticipate getting?
  • Do I get all the photos that were taken?
  • If not, may I choose the decisive shots?
  • Are the provided photographs of high or poor resolution?
  • Will the pictures I retouched?
  • What time can I pick up the album?
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