If you are pondering about bringing home a puppy, you may also plan to bring back two, right? After all, your puppy would have a playmate and you could easily housebreak them together. You can also have them go to obedience school or puppy boot camp Los Angeles as a pair, right? 

But the reality is far much different. This is not at all the best idea due to a few reasons where dog to dog separation anxiety is the major one. Even the best obedience trainers working in dog training boot camp Los Angeles, who can help with a variety of dog training issues face a difficult time when it comes to helping pet owners with separation anxiety in their puppies. 

You can definitely have multiple dogs in your house, but each puppy needs to be raised separately. This should be done for at least in the early to mid-months as per professional puppy boot camp in Los Angeles. Many dog owners won’t get it either, after all, the concept behind acquiring two cute puppies together was to keep each other company.  

Also, many puppy owners coming to dog training boot camp Los Angeles claim that having two dogs would be easier than one which is not always the case.  Since your puppies are the same species, if you try to bond all together at the same time, this may turn into a difficult task to carry out. This is because the puppies naturally develop a much stronger bond with their own species. Especially those puppies that share the same litter, possibly pave the big road to the dog to dog separation anxiety.

If you bring home one puppy at a time, then according to expert puppy boot camp Los Angeles trainers, it gives your puppy a chance to have your undivided attention. In this manner, you will be able to have your pet trained in the correct manner and the bond between you and your puppy will grow strong even before you plan to introduce another puppy. Doing this will greatly help to eliminate the competition between the two. 

Additionally, when considering bringing two or even more puppies home at the same time, you definitely have to pay the cost of multiple puppies. Not only this but the difficulty of caring for two or more puppies at home cannot be neglected. You will have double vet bills, spay/neuter costs, training equipment, as well as your attention will need to be divided between them all. This isn’t a simple job according to any puppy boot camp in Los Angeles. 


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