How to Plan Your Dentist’s Office Repairs With a Smile

As a dentist, your goal is to stay open as much as possible. When you close unexpectedly, people’s appointments get messed up and patients with emergencies can’t get help. However, you can’t completely prevent equipment breakdowns or utility issues, so how do you keep your office open? Here are a few tips for reducing wasted time at your practice.

Identify Repair Companies Early

Always be on the lookout for companies that offer high-speed handpiece repair and other dentistry-related services. Keep a list of repair companies in your phone or notebook and include notes about their prices. That way, when something breaks, you don’t have to waste time finding repair companies; instead, you have a list of contacts to call immediately.

Avoid Cheap Supplies

When you purchase new machines or personal protective equipment, it’s tempting to buy the cheapest options to save your budget. However, materials are sold cheaply because they are made cheaply, meaning that they don’t last long. Except for temporary replacements, save your money until you’re ready to invest in equipment that will last for years.

Schedule Utility Repairs Outside of Business Hours

You deserve several vacations throughout the year, especially during the summers and holidays. Put this time off to good use by scheduling maintenance during your breaks. Whether your roof is leaking, your carpeting is falling apart, or your sink never stops running, these issues are hard to resolve when you have patients in the office. If you can’t wait for a long break to have maintenance performed, ask the repair company to come before you open or during a lunch break.

While you can’t prevent every accident at your business, you can strategically plan your maintenance to avoid losing office time. This method decreases your patients’ frustration and allows you to make as much money as possible.

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