Reasons to Keep a Landline in the 2020’s

A rotary phone hanging on the kitchen wall used to be a standard sight in almost every home. In the 2020s, though, that idea seems quaint at best. Most of us carry a phone with us everywhere we go, and cell phone technology has made it possible to stay connected with family and friends in ways that were once unimaginable. So why would you still pay to have a landline phone in your home or office? It turns out there are some very good reasons.

Universal Coverage

People who have continued to have home phone services Front Royal will tell you that they are almost always able to make and receive phone calls with their landlines. The interconnectivity of the telecommunications industry allows for an incredible network that is exceptionally reliable. As an added bonus, if you can’t find your cell phone, you can always call it from your landline to help locate it!

Independence from Batteries

Imagine you’re experiencing a power outage and your cell phone is your only available means of communication. You’ll probably be okay for a few hours, but eventually, it will need to recharge. If you’re in the midst of a multi-day blackout, you’ll have to go out to your car to charge or use it, if you can even get there. A landline, on the other hand, will continue to work even when your home’s power is out.

Clarity of Signal

We touched on America’s massive telecommunications infrastructure earlier. Part of the power of this network is its ability to deliver a remarkably clear sounding signal across the country. Cell phones rely on relay towers that don’t have the muscle to deliver the same sound, which is why people sound more muffled on them. This is one of the reasons most businesses still use landlines; the clarity sounds more professional.

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