How To Prepare Your First Physical Therapy Session

Physical therapists provide support for people who struggle with mobility or daily activities. They assess patients’ needs and then work to improve muscle movement, reduce pain and assist with everyday habits. Expect it to take some time and several appointments before relief sets in. Follow the following four tips if you’re getting ready to start therapy.

1. Make Appointments Convenient

Physical therapy offices have their own set of hours. Sometimes they may have evening hours, but they are likely to ask you to come during traditional business time. These slots may conflict with family members’ work hours, leaving you to wonder if it’s possible. Ask about various options for doctors appointments Essex county New Jersey to find something that isn’t stressful or pressing.

2. Bring Your Records With You

Your doctor may send your records ahead of time, but things happen. Just in case, bring with you any documents or images that could explain your condition.

3. Write Out Notes and Questions

Your physical therapist is there to assist you, so don’t hold back. Share details about your health openly and candidly, explaining where you experience pain and when it occurs. If you have any particular struggles that bother you more than others, let that willingly.

4. Ask for Your Exercises in Writing

The first few appointments may feel overwhelming. As a result, some patients struggle to remember what to do when they get home from that first physical therapy appointment. Request a written document to take home, noting everything you should do and how often. If they have websites for visual references, that could also prove beneficial.

Physical therapy is a chance to reclaim movement and feel better. Before heading to your appointment, get ready by gathering your medical report and writing out any thoughts or concerns you may have.


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