How to Renew Your Emirates ID

It is very common for companies to ask you to complete the initial Emirates ID renewal process yourself and ideally this should take no more than two days.

Application tips

Enter your details carefully and make sure that your numbers, expiration dates, and names are correct.

The IDN number is on your card, while the UID or unique identification number is on your visa page in your passport. Entering any of these numbers, spaces, or hyphens will automatically appear.

The file number of the place of residence is also on your visa page. As you are entering this, the format of the form means you must enter a zero that is not in your number, like this xxxxxx0xxxxxxx. Count the digits to make sure you enter them correctly.

If you provide your first name and do not have the last name, your last name becomes your last name. The last name is a mandatory field. This will ensure that your first name is displayed as it should.

After the first click on “Save,” you will receive a unique application number which can then be used as a reference for all your inquiries.

If you made a mistake and sent it, call help center immediately and let them know. They will send the application back to you within 24 hours for updates or changes to be made free of charge. As your card is issued, changes become more difficult and expensive.

If you have any questions, call creative zone at any time and speak to the account manager. Required information must be are filled in correctly.

After sending, an online payment portal opens. After payment, your application is on its way to the ICA (Federal Identity and Citizenship Authority).

Print out the application and also keep an electronic copy.


The Emirates ID fee for 1 year of validity for expats is 100 dirham, which are typically two or three years (free zones). In a typing office you also have to pay Dh 70 as a service fee.

You have to pay the visa fees Dh200 for two years and Dh300 for three years plus an additional Dh40 for the online renewal service, depending on the case Dh240 or Dh340.


For expats, the next step is to go to an Emirates ID-approved preventive medical center for medical exams. Take with your passport copies, current Emirates ID and copies, and the renewal application form too.

You can get a form for this at a writing center where you can choose the nearest medical center and the speed of service (regular or urgent). The regular cost is Dh270 plus Dh50 as a writing fee.

Your medical report should ideally be received by the facility as an email attachment within a week.

EIDA procedure

After receiving your medical report, send your application form, a copy of your passport, a copy of your Emirates ID, a copy of your insurance card, a medical report, and two passport photos to your HR or PRO team. The EIDA process also requires detailed information from the sponsor, so it is better to do this through the company rather than the employee.

Collect all the necessary documents or data from the sponsor in advance and send them together with your documents to an EIDA office near you.


After approval and dispatch, your Emirates ID will be available for collection from your chosen post office or company post office.  You will get notified when you’re emirates card is ready for collection.

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