How to Spread Kindness During Difficult Times

The world has been faced with unprecedented difficult times, and people all over are feeling stressed. If you want to spread kindness during these difficult times and are looking for ways to help, there is plenty you can do to make someone’s day and bring a bit of light into the world. Here are some easy ideas to keep in mind as you consider ways to spread kindness to others.

Buy Coffee

People love the warmth and comfort coffee provides. Share that warmth with others by buying them a cup of coffee. They’ll appreciate the gesture and think of you while they sip from their favorite mug. If you want to spread kindness on a larger level, coordinate with a local coffee provider to have a box of hot coffee delivered to your first responders and front line workers as a way of saying thank you for all they do. By being kind to others, you’re doing your part to show your appreciation.

Say Thank You

The best way to show someone you appreciate them is to say it. Get together with your family to write thank you cards for front line workers to let them know that you see and appreciate what they do every day. This gesture can go a long way in spreading joy and letting others know you care.


Is there a better way to show your appreciation than to donate to a local nonprofit or other organization who may be in need? Many organizations rely on generous donations and grants to keep their operations going. Without their work, many people may go without. By spreading your generosity through donations, you may reach more people than you realize.

Don’t be stressed trying to find the perfect way to spread kindness. People will appreciate that you’re thinking of them and want to do something to brighten your day. Even the smallest gesture can make a difference in someone’s day.

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