How to stay ahead of the competition in the natural skincare products business


Have you ever wondered what you depend on mostly, natural or chemical products? Yes, most of you will say that you use natural products mostly. But, the truth is we all depend more on chemical products. How? Let us have a look at our daily routine. Our morning starts with fluoride rich toothpaste. We often go for packaged products such as tea bags and jam sandwiches. We end our day with a foot cream rich in paraben and sulfate. We wash our hair with sulfate rich shampoos. The chemicals in our creams and shampoos cause serious health effects. However, people nowadays are more cautious and opting for products that are natural.

Shifting Towards Organic Products

The emergence and rapid spread of Covid-19 upturned the world creating unprecedented pandemic. The global pandemic affected every individual’s life as well as had adverse and far-reaching consequences on the economy and other sectors of societies. However, it also opened up new pathways for diverse business, startups and even boosted some of the global markets related to health and personal care. With the surge in the pandemic cases, most of the Indians initiated a shift for the consumption of healthy and organic products rather than consuming synthetic and artificially manufactured ones.

The castor oil and castor oil derivatives witnessed high demands during the pandemic. During the pandemic most of the women considered the efficacy and personal products. Moreover, cleanliness, safety and longer shelf life of the products are some of the most essential points that people started considering before purchasing any products. With the reviving of the organic obsession, people started opting for cold pressed castor oil, natural castor oil, aloe vera, tea tree oil and other such natural products.

Let us now look how a business can stay ahead in the competition in natural skin care products.

Understanding the Customers

First, closely analyze the trends and predictions of your customers. With the onset of the pandemic and global crisis, people began to stay more inside their homes. Hence, most of the successful businesses during the period started operating online. Since your business has an online presence, you can easily take up several types of research such as social media monitoring, and conducting online surveys.

India’s customer base is unique. With the growth of internet and online infrastructure in India, people tend to rely more on e-commerce markets. More than 70% of the consumers rely on e-commerce for purchasing daily staff and cosmetics. Such information helps in your web designing and marketing decisions.

Opt for a reliable approach by visiting the source directly, for collecting information, trends and concerns. By visiting, you can also create better engagements and interact well with your audiences. Besides, you can always use sites such as Survey Monkey for conducting effective surveys. You can embed questionnaires and polls directly on your social media pages to gain valuable and true insights.

Collaboration with Oil Manufacturers 

You can also combine your products with other brands, which will provide mutual benefits to both the brands. The approach will not only double your market reach, but also provides better credibility for both the brands. Besides, through the approach you can effectively promote new products such as hydrogenated castor oil in skin care. The main agenda of the approach is to form partnerships with both already established and upcoming brands and influencers.

Influencer marketing generates incredibly high returns. You can collaborate with the castor oil manufacturers in India. Besides, you can also collaborate with various natural oil manufacturers. Collaboration will help you in having a clear knowledge about the use of castor oil in your skincare products.

Using Quality Ingredients

Quality ingredients ensure better integrity of your natural skincare products business. Customers look for the ingredients present in their cosmetic products, and prefer to opt for those that have better shelf life. Besides, customers prefer to invest more on the products that improve and protect their skin. If you fail to use better quality ingredients in your products, customers are more likely to switch to other brands. Try using pure castor oil along with other natural oils, which helps in protecting and improving the skin.

Creating Strong Brand for the Business

A strong brand helps in creating a story and an emotional response to the target market. Your beauty brand is not just a “logo”, but it is something bigger. Each part of your beauty brand starting from the formulation, website, manufacturing, packaging, visuals and marketing work together, and creation of emotional responses with the customers when they engage with the brand. Besides, a successful beauty brand helps in changing the lives of the customers, even if the change is very small.

Formulating Effective Business Model and Manufacturing Strategy

After you have an estimation of the investment, you need to focus on selecting the right business model and the manufacturing strategy, as both the decisions go together. You need to understand the number of units you need to manufacture before setting up the manufacturing strategy. Besides, if you use castor oil in your products, you need to have an estimation about the amounts of castor oil required and decide what type of castor oil you want to use in your products. Moreover, you also need to have an end goal in sight, which is crucial in shaping your business plan, the profits you want and the daily operations.

Ambuja Solvex is the best and one of the reputed castor oil manufacturing firms in India.  Based in the Northern part of Gujarat, which contributes to 70% of castor oil production in India, the firm completely focuses on eco-friendly drive. The firm helped several other industries, with a major focus on cosmetic industries in meeting the demands for the best quality castor oil and its derivatives.


Even though the pandemic cases are now at par, people have switched to organic and natural products. Like every industry, the beauty and skincare industry is also searching for innovative ways. Even some of the firms have moved a step forward and started manufacturing organic base products and the trend might continue longer. If you have a mission to create your natural skincare products business that would change people’s lives, then using castor oil is the best step. Entities like Ambuja help in the success of the skincare and cosmetics industry in India.



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