How to use the updated features on Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is a music video game available on Steam, Google Play Store, and Apple App Store. The role of the player is to control the icon’s movement using the jump functions. It involves navigating the music-based levels by avoiding obstacles such as spikes that instantly destroy the icon upon impact. The target is to complete a level by reaching its end. The game has 21 official levels, 18 of which are unlocked upon installation.

Except in Practice Mode, the level restarts when the player crashes into an obstacle. The player has no control of the speed at which the icon moves. To make a square jump move, the player must press the up-arrow button on the keyboard, press A on the controller. or left-click with a mouse, or  In-game rewards are granted upon successful completion of a level.

The Vault is a feature in the Geometry Dash World located through a padlock on the upper right corner of the Settings menu. To gain access to the feature, the user requires 10 coins. The player should enter the Geometry Dash vault codes to unlock the rewards in The Vault and the Vault of Secrets.

There are three vaults in the Geometry Dash game: the Vault, Vault of Secrets, and the Chamber of Time. The Vaults contains a grey padlock button and a ‘spooky’ icon below it which has a text field in which you input a code that prompts the platform to unlock secret coins, Icon Kit rewards, and other associated achievements. Some of the rewards include UFOs, Ships, Icons, Coins, and Trails.

To unlock/open the first Vault, the player requires 10 Silver User Coins to open. The player has to play Online Featured Levels and collect three coins in a single stage without dying in each of the three levels.

After successfully obtaining the coins, the lock at the bottom of the screen turns yellow to indicate that it is opened. The player should click on this lock button which displays a text area to input the Vault code.

Redeeming each code unlocks a specific reward. The working codes which can be used for The Vault include:

Lenny – to unlock the Lenny (Deg-Deg) Icon

Blockbite – to unlock a demon-like UFO

Spooky – to unlock the Shy Guy Icon

Neverending – to unlock a spiky UFO

Mule – to unlock a Ship.

Ahead – to unlock a new spaceship-looking Wave.

Gandalfpotter – to unlock a Triangle Trail.

Sparky – the reward is a Secret Coin.

Robotop – to unlock a robot.

(Your username) – to unlock a cube icon with one eye

(*) 8-16-30-32-46-84– to unlock the Illuminati Wave

Here is how to use the (*) 8-16-30-32-46-84 code; you have to click the Vault Keepers face each time you type in a number. i.e., type 8, Click on Face, press 16, repeat the process until you Click on Face, press 84, and Click on Face.

To unlock the Vault of Secrets, you have to collect 50 diamonds by completing quests, daily level, and featured levels on the online selection screen.

The working codes which can be used for the Vault of Secrets include:

Octocube – to unlock the octopus-shaped icon

Brain Power – to unlock the brain-like shape icon

Seven– to unlock the Finn (Adventure Time) icon

Thechickenisonfire – to unlock a bog-water/ swamp green color.

The Challenge – to unlock the Vault Keepers level

Gimmiethecolor – to unlock the dark red color.

(Your number of stars) – to unlock an Icon. On the main menu, click on the icon with three bars on the left side of the tank. Check your total count of collected stars from the drop-down menu, then type in your total star number to redeem the free icon.

It’s a Puzzle (solution below*) – to unlock an Icon. To solve this puzzle, you need to either record your screen or note the flashing numbers. To get started, type in “It’s a Puzzle” then “Cod3Breaker,” which prompts six numbers to flash on the screen fast in ascending order. You have to subtract the smaller number from the bigger one to get each digit for the final code.

Glubfub (**) – Cold as Ice – the reward is a secret coin. You need to first speak to the Vault of Secrets’ face by clicking on it and continue clicking till he speaks to you about Spooky. Click on the face in the first Vault, speak to him, and keep clicking his face until he talks about Glubfub. Proceed with the clicks until your conversation text becomes white again. On the face in Vault of Secrets, type in Glubfub to unlock the Secret Coin.

Now that you are aware of the vault codes, you can apply them in the game to unlock the rewards.


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