Your visit to Dubai is not complete without taking a picture of this iconic building standing tall in the middle of Dubai.

Dubai is mostly known to be an ideal place for a stop-over on route to elsewhere, rather than a destination in itself. On a recent trip to Dubai, I spent 5 days planning to know the city but I figured out it is more than just a desert. It is surprising to find out the greenery, the colors and sparkle thrown in for good measure. There is a lot of construction always going on in the city but the areas that are finished are done extremely well. So now you may be asking yourself the question of ‘what to see, eat and shop in Dubai’ and exactly how many days should you spend there? If you really want to see what Dubai has to offer, then 5 days is a plenty of time. It is surprising to see the diversity that exists along with the fun and great feeling you receive when you land in Dubai. So, what are you waiting for? Lookout for Flydubai Discount Code and travel at discounted prices to witness the heaven on earth.

Burj Khalifa

Your visit to Dubai isnot complete without taking a picture of this iconic building standing tall in the middle of Dubai and dominating the skyline. Located right next to the Dubai Mall, this building glintsduring the day and vividly sparkles at night. You can visit the deck at the top of the building, where you can view the cityscape of Dubai at the height of 148 stories. The best spot however is from Neos. It’s a perfect spot to have a cocktail eat delicious snacks whilst watching the sun go down right next to the Burj Khalifa.

Dubai Mall

Dubai is a shopping paradise with thousands of stores you cannot even see in days. As it is said, shop until you drop, but if you haven’t dropped then you haven’t shopped enough! It would be wrong to label The Dubai Mall as only a place to shop because there are various other things to do and admire here too. Such as an aquarium, an ice-skating rink, cinemas, art and edutainment. The Dancing fountains are located just outside and the Burj Khalifa which is right next to Dubai Mall. For tourists, this is one of the main attractions and to avail good offers lookout for Flydubai Discount Code. They have amazing travel packages to offer to tourists.

Dubai Fountains

Moving further, not very far, The Dubai fountains are also located next to the Dubai Mall and the Burj Khalifa. So, once you are done with your shopping then simply step outside and watch the amazing fountain show that begins at 6 p.m. every night. The world’s biggest fountains dance to various tunes from Celine Dion to Andre Bocelli to Arabic instrumentals. The show can be best viewed at night and there is a total of 2 performances. Get your position about 15 minutes before show starts.

The Gold Souk

If you have the love for gold and jewelry, then you must visit the gold souk located in Deira, the old part of Dubai. It is a labyrinth of shops where you can bargain with merchants to get the best price. Gold may be the main item sold here, but there are sections and shops for spices, clothes, bags and the usual tourist items being sold here.

Friday Brunch

Friday is the first day of weekend in Dubai. Make sure, once you avail the Flydubai Discount Code, you have flights booked for a 5 day stay which includes a Friday and you are bookedfor a “Friday Brunch”. Brunch is a must on a Friday. Do not take it as a light meal between breakfast and lunch as normally understood, it has more to it. It is a sheer indulgence in food, free alcohol and a chance for both expats and tourists to have fun. There are plenty of different experiences on offer and involves every type of cuisine – something to suit everyone’s budget.

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