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Incredible Technologies Affecting Custom Home Building

You can hardly ignore the surging popularity of custom homes, thanks to the various benefits provided. These houses have proven comfortable, premium-quality, affordable, and easy to customize. Its enhanced functionality is designed around you, meeting your needs and preferences. According to one custom home builder, Bill Starkey, various technologies affect custom home buildings. They include the following.

Smart Glass

Smart glass windows are an incredible technology aimed at keeping you comfortable. This technology uses switchable glass to block and insulate your space. That means this glass will determine the light transmission into your room. However, heat, light, and electricity could affect its transmission properties.

Smart glass technology enhances operational efficiency. It ensures that your room maintains the desired room temperature and lighting conditions, boosting your comfort and productivity. Privacy is also at the heart of this technology. You can use it to partition rooms and control the light getting in. This makes it an excellent choice for luxury offices. Above all, besides its versatility, it is easy to maintain.

Self-Healing Concrete

Self-healing concrete is slowly becoming a favorite for many homeowners. This concrete can repair its cracks autogenously and autonomously. Low tensile is a common issue in homes, causing these cracks.

Healing concrete is a perfect blend of three products: calcium lactate, bacterial spores, and clay pellets. In short, it comes with dormant bacteria and starch embedded in it. When water seeps into the concrete, it reactivates the bacteria. In turn, these bacteria consume the starch and excrete calcite, which is vital for healing the cracks.

Notably, this technology can last for up to 20 years, giving you value for your money. Its ability to self-heal means that you do not need to detect or repair cracks on your surface. Instead, the concrete remains in great shape for a long time.

Thermal Reflective Paint

Heat reflective paint is revolutionizing the real estate industry. This technology is critical in reflecting sunlight from the roof, meaning that no heat gets absorbed by dark roofing colors. Its reflective abilities mean that your room remains significantly comfortable in the long run, thanks to constant room temperature.

You can also use this thermal reflective paint on the walls. This move will help reduce the surface temperature by up to 28 degF. Excellent surface and room temperature lessen the need for air conditioning devices. Instead, you are confident of enhanced energy efficiency and minimal expenses on electricity.

Thermal reflective paint insulates your custom home adequately. It also protects your home against thermal shock, reduces leaks, and ensures the roof lasts for much longer.

Smart Home Automation Technology

Smart home automation is an incredible technology that enhances energy efficiency and security. This technology allows you to remotely control lights, appliances, thermostats, and smart glass windows. You can switch the machines and devices on or off, depending on whether they are in use.

This technology is also critical in plumbing. It helps control the plumbing system, including the pipelines, water heaters, and faucets. You can also rely on advanced technology to identify issues within the plumbing system, addressing them on time. With early identification, it becomes much easier to avoid costly repair and maintenance costs in the future.

Disaster Simulation Technology

Various home manufacturers today use disaster simulation software. This software allows experts to design safer and more robust houses that withstand different inclement weather elements. This technology helps protect you against issues like earthquakes, hurricanes, and flooding.

In conclusion, various technologies are in place to make your home safer and more comfortable. The options mentioned above are the most popular, and embracing them assures you of value for your money.

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