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Interior Design Hacks for Beginners

You’ve taken the exciting step of purchasing your first property. Now you’ve got the keys, your whole home is a blank slate, waiting for those personal touches. It can feel a little intimidating to take on interior design. Below are a few design hacks for beginners.

Examine Your Finishes

It can be good to start with the basics. This would be the bare bones of your space. How is the wall paint looking? Do the floors seem a little worn? How are the lighting fixtures holding up? Sometimes a good coat of paint or adding a rug can work wonders in transforming your interior.

Create More Light

If you’re looking to entertain, you likely don’t want your guests crammed into a dimly lit space. Adding more light adds to the spaciousness of the room. There are a few simple ways you can experiment with your lighting in Florida. You can utilize sheer curtains to let the sunlight in. Mirrors can also reflect the light off from windows. A bright chandelier can provide light when the sun goes down.

Consider Plants

Spruce up your space with a pop of green. Houseplants can be low maintenance. Many kinds require a low amount of water or are pet-friendly. They not only add some color, but they can improve your indoor air quality.

Add Variety

This is a chance to put your spin on your space. Find some colorful textures or prints that you like. Then use them as accents throughout your space. A patterned throw blanket or colorful pillow can add some excitement.

Above all, don’t be afraid to experiment. Many changes you make can be reversed. Don’t like the paint? You can find a new shade. Not a fan of the throw blanket? You can get a new one. Experimenting can help you find what really works for your space.

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