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Interior Design Solutions for the HDB


HDB flats can hardly look the same as the private units of condos. This is a common thought. But slick designs are now available for the HDB that can make the whole HDB look like a luxurious condo. The right interior design company in Singapore can offer the best services now.

Wide array of interior design styles 

Wide design options for HDB interior designs are now available in Singapore and for making the right kind of interior design, there are different designing options as well. Be it the classic options, the minimalist options or even the Scandinavian design options, many styles are available now.

Choose a company that has already completed a number of renovation projects. Have a look at the kind of works they have done and what are the reviews for the completed projects. You can select the suitable interior design companies based on the styles and portfolio you like.

So,if you feel that the HDB apartment you have is looking boring, then it is high time to make sure that you under go a HDB renovation project. Proper blending of the best styles by an experience designer can offer the best look, feel free to browse Swiss Interior for more interior design ideas for HDB.

How to save on renovation projects for HDB 

A renovation project always involves many details, such as meeting technical standards, respecting ergonomics and carrying out the civil part safely. This is all in addition to choosing the right suppliers and knowing the order of contracts. Without proper advice, the chance of delays in retirement is very high.

When hiring an interior designer, the client can count on the experience of that professional. In addition to being familiar with the entire process, a professional designer knows and suggests qualified providers, who will deliver the services on time. He also knows how to anticipate problems and manages to coordinate all possible tasks simultaneously, reducing the waiting period as much as possible.

Contrary to what many people think, upon hiring an interior designer, the client will be able to save a lot on the renovation. This is because the experienced professional will know how to make better use of all resources.

He knows the suppliers with the best cost-benefit ratio, knows where it is worth investing and when to save, balancing expenses according to the needs of the project. An example is when the designer chooses to have furniture made by a good supplier. Instead of buying it ready, it can generate savings of up to 50%.

Knowing (and Following) The Right Guidelines

The good professional guides the customer in purchases and manages to reach the end of the renovation within the specified budget. By monitoring the work, the professional is able to avoid wasting material and other resources. Respecting the schedule and working to finish the work on time also helps to save more.

In addition, houses and apartments decorated with the help of a professional tend to appreciate much more in value. In other words, the investment made in hiring an interior designer will certainly bring return when reselling the property.


When hiring an interior designer, the client will explain what he needs and expects from each room in the house. That way, a good professional will not only be concerned with aesthetics. he will also know how to translate the customer’s needs into a beautiful project that works on a daily basis. The idea is not to be stuck with trends and fashions, but to understand the client’s style and impress it on the home decor.


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