Internal Build Quality And Other Features Of The Infinix Smok Pods

It is the features of the infinix smok pods that makes it so useful. It is the design of these pods that improves the internal build quality of them as well. as for the features, these are one of the smallest vapes that come in a dimension of 88 by 24 by 14 mm. as for the weight, it is light weighing just about 40 grams. However, n spite of its small structure, it can still hold a 450 mAh battery in it. this produces vapor for a considerably long period. The wattage ranges between 10 and 16 watts and the input voltage ranges between 3.3 and 4.2 volts.

The different options available

These smok pods come in different options to choose from. You can choose a pre-installed pod that comes with an atomizer that has a resistance of 1.2 ohms or you can go for the more advanced ones that has an atomizer with a 1.5-ohm coil. You can choose different colors of these smok pods according to your liking as well. These stylish vapers are best suited for mouth-to-lung or MTL vapers though these are also marketed as versatile vapers that are suitable for direct lung vaping as well. You can buy the resistance options separately. This means that you can stock a supply of replacement tanks with the particular type of coil that works best for you.

The internal build quality

You will be impressed when you look at the internal craftsmanship and production of these smok pods. The quality determines how you will feel while holding the device. It is advised that you go for reputed brands and high quality deign and not for those cheap and poorly constructed ones. A well-made vape will come with different protective membranes between the tank and the air hole. This will prevent the building up of condensation on the battery that may result in leakage.

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