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It Is More Than a Fence!

You watched in wonder when your new neighbor tore a perfectly good fence down. As the boards were removed along the whole side that bordered your property, you shook your head and commented about wasted money with your spouse. Less than a week later, when a crew began building a new fence a foot into your property line, your temper rose as you spoke to the homeowner and tried to explain the mistake. When your neighbor laughed, you reacted before thinking and sent your fists flying. You were not surprised when the police arrived to arrest you an hour later. Now, what do you do?


Depending on where you live, being taken to jail can range from an eye-opening short jaunt to a terrible experience. Some precincts put you in a cell with other individuals, and some let you sit on a bench and talk to your friends that work in the station. One thing all the offices have in common is the procedure required for booking you after you have been arrested.


You will not have bright lights shining on you or multiple officers screaming questions at you during your interrogation, as is often seen on television. Most jail attendants will ask you a few personal questions and then move you to a cell to wait for your court appearance.


Your meeting with the judge is known as the arraignment and is the culmination of your arrest. If you do not have an attorney, ask for one to represent you. The judge will read your charges, explain the legal implications, and ask you to plead “guilty” or “not guilty.” You will then be given a bail amount if the court deems you are not a danger to society.


Have your family contact a Lancaster County bail bonds agent as soon as you know the bail amount needed. You can find all the information the bail company will need on the documents you receive after your arraignment. Ten percent is the standard total required for the representative to initiate the bail release procedure, and your family can offer that in cash or property.

Next time someone tries to steal part of your property, just contact an attorney to handle the issue. The problem may not be settled as quickly as you would like, but it will keep you out of jail. Ending up in jail is never fun.

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