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Keep Your Home Secure Without a Monthly Fee

A little extra security never hurt anyone, right? There are a variety of security systems for any budget available these days, but most come with a monthly cost. If you want to secure your home without adding a bill, there are still plenty of options that work well.

The Yard

The best time to deter burglars is before they get into your home. Install motion-activated floodlights in any dark areas around your home. You do not want them to have any place to hide on your property. If you have valuables in your shed, then consider purchasing security hinges with tamper-proof pins. These specialized hinges take away the ability to hammer out hinge pins and remove shed doors. Also, never hide a key outside unless it is in a locked key box.

The Garage

The garage is an attractive entry point for burglars. These entrances are not usually as reinforced and sometimes lead directly into your home. For added security, look into garage door accessories that alert homeowners when their garage door is being opened by remote or even manually. If you are traveling or don’t use your garage door regularly, you can padlock the track or even unplug the remote opener. Also, inspect any entry doors into the garage. These are sometimes made from cheap wood that can easily be kicked through. These doors can be reinforced with half-inch plywood.

The House

Every front door should have a peep-hole so that you know who is outside before you open the door. Slide locks and window locks are inexpensive and easy to install on any door or window on the ground level. Sliding glass doors should have a bar fitted into the track to prevent forced entry. Finally, strongly consider reinforced hardware for hinged doors. Even the most sophisticated lock will be useless if the door can be easily kicked open. Metal plates that fit around the kickplate and doorknob can reinforce any door against brute force.

These simple, often inexpensive, tricks are common sense ways to stop thieves from snatching your stuff.

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