Know about the A2 test and the fee

As the title suggests, in this article, we are going to include the topic of U.K visa. In the context of the partner of the parental visa. It can be extended very easily. In order to survive in the U.K., English communication skill must be robust. You must be wondering, what is the A2 test? In simple words, the A2 test is the English test.

It is a legal formality to extend the visa. In this test, the listening and the speaking skills of the applicant is tested. The cost of this test will not take a heavy toll on your pocket. It is very affordable. The a2 English test fee is just £200.00. If the applicant is able to pass this test. The extension of the U.K visa will be provided. In fact, the two and a half year visa will be converted into five years. The applicant will have the legal permission to stay in the U.K. This English test costs some of the activities. The applicant has to answer some of the questions. Along with that, the understanding of basic English is also tested.

There are people that are not very good with the dialect. There is no need to worry about it. We will provide accurate guidance to pass the test. It is not a very tough test to pass. In fact, the A2 test can be cleared by the five to six-year-old as well. The basics of English and grammar must be precise. The grammar, tenses and pronunciation. These two things are consumed in the test. The performances must consider the examiner. In the test, the applicant must be very consistent. Mostly your applicant is asked to tell you about the personal information. The results are declared on an immediate basis. 

When the results and the certificate is provided?

The results of the test are provided on an immediate basis. Post the A2 test the examiner provides the result. As per the test performance, the results are declared. It is a swift and easy process. The time duration of the test is just seven minutes. In those seven minutes, the results are decided whether the visa will be extended or not. If the performance is good, the visa will be converted into a five-year U.K visa. The certificate is provided if the results are positive. This certificate is UKVI approved. Even the certificate is given within seven days. The authorities post this certificate. The certificate will be mailed to you within a week.


It can be hectic to travel long distances. The exam centre can be booked nearby. Now there is no need to travel long distances. How is it possible? All you have to do is, check out the time-table. Here all the exam centres will provide the date, time, and location to you conveniently. You can place the booking near your residential place. We hope this article will guide you on the right path. 

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