Look for Your Choices in the Right Online Betting

In the country, playing online money games, such as poker, slot machines and other casino games, has long been illegal or highly regulated. The only places where you could play real money games were the hard casinos, located in some spa towns. You could also be satisfied with the games offered by the state monopolies, such as the Française des Jeux (FdJ) for the lottery or scratch games or like the horse betting of Pari Mutuel Urbain (PMU). These games are only for sale or authorized in specific and authorized “shops”, such as tobaccos and PMU points.

The Finer Options

But since the advent of the Net, nobody could stop anyone from playing online anymore. Convinced that the French market had to adapt to the realities of the Internet, and above all to align with European regulations, the government voted in May 2010 for the “law on gambling on the Internet” , just before the Football World Cup in South Africa. Faced with the enthusiasm that generally arouses this kind of event, the state hoped that the bettors would be numerous. He intended to find a way to bail out his coffers there. With situs judi online you can find the best choices now.

  • We are therefore witnessing the emergence of a croupier state, which at the same time is fighting strongly against gambling addiction, by limiting the Return Rates (that is, say the percentage paid back to the players in the event of a gain compared to their bets) and by creating aid institutions and listening cells for players in difficulty (called “pathological”). If certain online sports bets are authorized, classic casino games are still prohibited, even if many sites based in countries with more flexible regulations (such as Malta or Cyprus) readily accept French players.

In the country, it is especially the Online Gaming Regulatory Authority which controls gambling on the Internet: 

It is it which issues or withdraws gaming licenses to operators approved in the country, such as this has been the case with Full Tilt Poker or other lawbreakers. She is of course helped by other organizations such as the Games Observatory (ODJ) and the Games Advisory Committee (CCJ), which were slow to be created in February 2011.


This law is obviously not unanimous, especially not among casino operators and gaming operators, too heavily taxed for their taste. Fortunately, this first version of the law had been accompanied by a “revoyure clause”, which provides for a review / modification of this law by the end of 2011. This law, very controversial by the opposition, continues to make waves in the world of gambling, especially with regard to the type and rate of taxation. If you want to play online, the thing to remember is that you can play gambling legally on the Internet, but only certain types of games.


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