Looking for an immigration attorney in Dallas? Check these pointers!

Many businesses and prospective immigrants have their hesitation about hiring an immigration attorney. If all immigration information is easily available online and most of the documentation and formalities can be done digitally, why hire and pay for an attorney? The role of an attorney is more than just paperwork. For someone who is facing deportation, or a company that’s planning to file 200 H-1B visa applications, expertise is key. No matter whether you want to get help on visa matters or need a business immigration attorney in Dallas, here are some pointers to check. 

Hire an attorney, not a consultant

People often make the mistake of believing that an immigration attorney is the same as an immigration consultant. While immigration consultants do offer considerable help and information to clients, the role of an immigration lawyer is to offer solutions. Check if the concerned attorney is Board Certified in Immigration Law. Truth is immigration laws are complex, and you need someone who is dealing with papers and different clients on a regular basis. 


Experienced immigration attorneys often take only a handful of cases, and therefore, it is wise to check if a lawyer is actually available. Big law firms dealing with immigration matters often take too many cases, and eventually, associates and juniors are left to doing most of the work. Check if an immigration lawyer can take your case. Of course, the collaborative experience of the law firm is important, but your lawyer needs to dedicate personal time. 

Watch for red flags

Outcomes of immigration cases are depending on many factors. However, it eventually comes down to USCIS, immigration judge, or the Department of Homeland Defense. In other words, there is an extent to which immigration lawyers can help. As such, beware of lawyers or law firms that are promising 100% assurance. You can ask about their success rate but be cautious if they have the perfect number. 

Meeting an immigration lawyer

You have to consider meeting your lawyer in person or schedule an online call. Regardless of your situation, there is always an option, and you can expect an immigration lawyer to suggest all options, and they will share all the details that can come handy. Check if the lawyer is answering all your questions, and if you want to know them better, ask for references. 

Check for independent reviews of immigration lawyers available online, which can be useful for comparison. 

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