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Looking for bedroom wardrobes? Don’t miss these aspects!

Contemporary homes are getting smaller by the day, and most people cannot afford to have a separate room for their wardrobe alone. Maximizing the use of space in the bedroom is critical, and that’s exactly where a bedroom wardrobe comes in the picture. While you can always check online or contact a designer to check a bedroom wardrobe design catalogue, there are certain basic aspects that need attention. In this post, we are discussing more on selecting a bedroom wardrobe that will fit the requirements of your contemporary home.

Ready wardrobes vs. customized built-in wardrobe

When it comes to bedroom wardrobes, there are two basic choices. You can either choose to select a ready wardrobe straight out of a showroom, or can contact an interior company that will customize everything. Both have a few pros and cons, which have to be considered.

  1. Readymade wardrobes don’t cost as much and can have varied designs, making them more ideal for homeowners on a small budget. However, if customization is what you seek, you should definitely consider the other choice.
  2. Customized built-in bedroom wardrobes are expensive but are tailored to meet for your needs. From the ones that incorporate extra modules on the top, to designs that have full-mirrors to get rid of extra dressing table, the choices are many.

Factors for selecting size

The size is undoubtedly the foremost aspect that matters about bedroom wardrobes, and you have to take the measurements of available space to take a call. Alternatively, you can call an interior design service, who will send in their teams to check the bedroom, and based on your budget and space in the room, they can recommend solutions. Built-in wardrobes are made in factories and installed at sites, so you can expect to get a customized look, which includes your choice for finish. From complete floor to ceiling bedroom wardrobes to ones with open space and extra modules, there are enough choices to explore.

Style does count

Instead of going for a regular bedroom wardrobe, you can go for ones that have sliding doors to save space. The style and design aspects of wardrobes have to be considered. This is also a matter of personal style. For instance, some homeowners prefer a glossy finish, while others may have a thing for basic matte colours. Also, consider the style of the wardrobe you need. From small ones to those with extensive range of drawers and storage cabinets, contemporary wardrobes are as diverse as you can imagine. As for the colour, there are no standard dos and don’ts, but we do recommend that you select one that works with the rest of your interiors. It is also a wise idea to review shades based on the colours of your flooring and walls. This is an investment for the long-term, so check your options wisely.

Final word

Selecting a wardrobe can be confusing, more so because there are so many choices to look for. However, if you are not sure of styles, designs and trends in bedroom wardrobes, the best idea is to get in touch with a company that specializes in interior and décor, and they can come up with choices, based on how much space you have in the bedroom. Do get an estimate in advance and make sure that the installation work is backed by a deadline.


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