Meet the best heroes for 2-2-2 Overwatch

With the Role-Lock everyone was forced to play in the 2-2-2 meta and Overwatch League is not an exception. Stage 4 of the OWL was played with the Role Lock enabled and we, viewers, could see which heroes are highly appreciated by professional Overwatch players. Using this knowledge and quickly climb through the ranks in competitive mode in OW, for additional data you could check service and order a coaching session.

The impact of the Role Queue in Overwatch was clear during OWL and here are the strongest heroes in 2-2-2 team composition.

Orisa – Barriers are still here

This is quite obvious before the arrival of GOATs Orisa was the insanely popular tank. I clearly understand why – she is a strong, range DPS hero with the barrier shield that has a low cooldown. During the golden age of GOATs, she was buffed in an unsuccessful attempt to replace Reinhard with the Orisa, but they have failed that time. Right now, in the 2-2-2 ages, everybody remembered about Orisa’s existence and started to pick her more often. She synergized with a lot of heroes in Overwatch and players remembered about good old Bunker composition, but this time it is a true bunker (this time players called this as Double Barriers composition), all thanks to Sigma.

Another positive thing that is highlighting her among all other heroes is an anti-CC ability, which is extremely important because Mei is coming back to the meta gaming in the 2-2-2 era.

Mei – Frozen arrived to Overwatch

Mei mains must rejoice right now, it is a glorious time to be alive! She is a decent pick for every team that is picking Orisa and Roadhog as tanks, and Mei’s arsenal is created to complement these heroes. One of the simplest things you could do is to close the retreating way to the target, that was hooked by Roadhog. With one simple Wall, you are securing a kill and placing enemies in a disadvantageous position.

Never forget that Mei’s icicles are not suffering from the falloff damage and she could be used to counter enemies at the long distances. At the OWL stage 4, Paris Eternal showed to Houston Outlaws that Mei is a great counter pick for Pharah, Widowmaker and even McCree. She is one of the best utility heroes in the game right now, and it is only a question of time when she will earn her place in the meta of Overwatch.

Hanzo – Returning of the King

Hanzo is back, and he earned his place on this list as nobody. He is the most flexible hero in the whole Overwatch and could be adjusted almost to every strategy. Double Snipers composition offers the best place for him, his great mobility and long-distance damage could be used to outplay Mei and Roadhog (6 arrows by the Volley deal 480 damage, never forget the damage he could deal in a second).

With the current meta he could be used, but do not try to break through the shields. Use your mobility to find the best positions that will offer you easy kills, but make sure that you will be haste enough to delete a target, otherwise, Sigma would replace his barrier in a blink of an eye. Overall this is one of the strongest heroes at the moment, but to show the best results you need to use his advantages by their maximum. So never forget to utilize his mobility, range and burst damage and this will create from him the very reliable choice for any 2-2-2 composition.

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