Most Common Injuries During Car Accidents in San Diego County, California

Car accidents can bring about severe damages to survivors. The damages can be both physical as well as financial. There are certain common types of car accident injuries that one must be aware of to avoid confusion later. Also, as these conditions bring about several damages, it is advisable to contact the reputed best car accident lawyers in Chula Vista California, for your benefit. 

The attorney not only manages your current situation but also helps you deal with both financial and physical losses. Here are some of the most common injuries that might happen due to car accidents:


  • Injuries to The Neck


One of the most common types of injuries is whiplash or neck injuries. It is the common one sustained by the survivors of a car accident. Most people suffer from tremendous pain in the neck area, which modifies into neck sprains. According to the statistical data by the insurance company, about 66% of insurance claimants report their cases about neck sprains and injuries. 

Whiplash is a general medical term that refers to different kinds of neck injuries that occur due to car crashes. In these medical conditions, the body suffers from muscular strain and wearing and tearing of the soft tissues. 

However, the specialists use this term to describe other forms of neck injuries as well, which include neck tissue damages. In some instances, the survivor might also suffer from disc damages. Such conditions result due to sudden movement of the head region concerning the torso or the chest area. 

Severe car crashes can produce negligible effects on the neck region, while the low impact ones can severely affect the same area. Hence, the degree of collision doesn’t determine the type of injuries, but the sudden movement of the neck does. 


  • Lacerations


In the case of car accidents, you suffer not only physical damages but also financial losses. The car tends to go through vigorous stress and result in broken parts and sometimes in a fire as well. In case you need to file any legal claim for compensation for your medical bills as well as the car, you might consider the option of finding the best car accident lawyers in El Cajon, California

Broken glasses, torn metal, and other flying objects within the car sometimes can produce cuts and bruises on the survivor. These lacerations can be profound and might require immediate medical help as well. If not taken proper care, sometimes, people might have the marks of the scars left on their bodies forever. That is why make sure to report the incident as fast as possible to get the due medical help in time.


  • Broken Ribs and Bones


Accidents often result in breaking bones pretty often. It is no wonder that ribs, ankles, and other parts of the body might suffer from such injuries in case of vehicle crashes. Some injuries might not be fatal and can be cured with the help of a cast. However, in case there is any tissue or cell damage along with broken bones, the condition might get worse with time. Hence, make sure to get appropriate medical help without any delay. 

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