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Moving A Commercial Business

How Do You Move A Commercial Business?

Whether it’s due to expansion, or the end of a lease, there are many different reasons why commercial businesses need to move. The thing is, all types of businesses move regularly such as offices, shops and many others. Moving can be stressful and ensuring you are well prepared for the move, will help to ensure everything runs smoothly. In addition to this, using a commercial removal company could make the process much quicker as well.

It’s not just the physical items you need to worry about moving either, you need to prepare your employees and ensure you have enough time to move, whilst still ensuring your business is ticking over. Keep reading below to find out some of our top tips for moving commercial business premises.

Tips For Moving Business Premises

Moving house is hard enough and moving a business can be even more difficult. Below we’ll cover some of our top tips for moving to help the whole process seem much quicker and less stressful. Some of our top tips for commercial business moves are:

  • Prepare your employees and ensure they declutter things such as desks etc, so you’re only moving your stuff and not theirs. Also account for any disruptions to their days that they might suffer as part of the move.
  • Moving is a great time to declutter, if you’ve been hoarding boxes or old furniture/stock and are hoping you’ll one day use it again, now is the perfect time to get rid of it and it also means you’ll be moving less as well.
  • Consider if it’s more cost-effective to buy some items new rather than take them with you, if you’re planning on changing the design/style of your business, moving is the perfect opportunity to upgrade.
  • Make sure you account for any downtime or disruption that your business might suffer from, whilst a weekend might seem the best time to move, is it going to give you enough time to move everything and have everything set back up.
  • Consider using a specialist commercial removals company to help with the move. They know exactly what they are doing and they’ll likely have the job done in half the time of you doing it yourself.

Finding Someone To Help With The Move

One of the great things about moving a business is you aren’t on your own and there are a number of companies out there that can help you move your business. From specialist commercial removal firms to local companies such as Eastbourne Removal Services, there are people out there that know what they are doing. A few quick searches online and you should be able to find local companies in your area that offer commercial removals.

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