Moving Your Big Event Outdoors? 3 Tips To Make It Great

Outdoor events are growing in popularity. Hosts are taking advantage of natural scenery and breathtaking backdrops to bring a certain feel to their celebrations. If you are planning an outdoor gathering, no matter what size, these three tips can help you make it a success.

  1. Think About Normal Weather Patterns

Planning an event takes time, and a large or formal one can take more than a year to get together. There is no realistic way to predict what the weather will be when the big day rolls around, however you can plan for average temperatures and conditions in your location. Consider these variables to help keep everyone safe, comfortable and having a great time:

  • The temperature: Will you need heaters, fans or a spot cooler rental south Floridato keep guests comfortable?
  • Precipitation: Does it normally rain or snow at that time of year, and will a tent help keep attendees dry?
  • Winds: Are high winds or sudden storms the norm where you are, and how can you accommodate them safely?
  1. Secure any Required Permits

Outdoor gatherings can be subject to permitting laws and restrictions. They may dictate the number of guests allowed, types of entertainment and any parking or restroom arrangements that need to be made. It is always best to check what is required before you start planning. You might not think of getting a permit for a backyard gathering of family and friends, but it could be necessary where you live.

  1. Offer a Parking Shuttle for Guests

There are several reasons you don’t want guests parking on site. First, it can be a major safety factor if cars are driving where people are distractedly mingling. It is also noisy and unattractive to have cars moving around i the background and can take away from the overall atmosphere of your event. Plan for off-site parking a block or two away and offer a shuttle that can bring guests back and forth.

Planning for parking and the normal weather patterns will help ensure guests are comfortable throughout your event. Having the right permits keeps things safe and will help you avoid fines or the possibility of having your party shut down.

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