Payal Rajput acted like a greedy woman for money in Ganganagar o athidhi

The Telugu film industry has produced some great movies in the past. Tollywood’s content charms moviegoers in every corner. Tollywood has become very popular in the present day with its steaming scripts. With the new rush of OTT stages that have become mainstream as of late, even the Tollywood business has ventured up to bring to the table their crowd to watch their substance on the web. Individuals observe more films than at any time, yet progressively they are doing as such at home. There are several OTT platforms where you can watch Telugu thriller movies online. Aha has an extensive range of Tollywood content to watch. The Aha app has a lot of creative movies that feature the best talents in the Tollywood industry. With movies ranging from thriller to comedy, the Aha app has got a lot to offer to its audience. Here is the Review of the “Anaganaga o Athidi” Telugu movie available in Aha.

Anaganaga O Athidhi is a 2020 Telugu suspense thriller movie directed by DayalPadmanabhan and starring Payal Rajput, Chaitanya Krishna, Veena Sunder. Mallika (Payal Rajput) is a small-town girl who is struggling financially with her family. It is also the time when she knows that her luck will change through the star. Then begins the game of cheating and cruelty. Who is this Srinivas? Why did he come there? And what changes are taking place in Mallika’s life? That builds the beautiful. Payal Rajput makes a U-turn from its glam avatar and performs very well. Her role required many different speeches of greed, deception, and Payal portrayed them very well.

All her scenes with Chaitanya Krisha are really beautiful. The basic message about money and how it can ruin your life is well illustrated in this film by director Padmanabhan. The effectiveness of Payal Rajput’s effort, twisting in the second phase, and its unique theme are great assets. The film is very high in technology. Negotiations based on the village are fair, and the product design and function set are good. All in all, Anaganaga O Athidhi is a well-respected criminal interest and part of its narrative. The movie is well scripted and taken. The gripping screenplay makes the movie more interesting.

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