Photo booth ideas for winter weddings

Planning a winter wedding? Don’t forget to add a photo booth! Photo booths are a fun way for guests to capture memories of your special day. 

Add warm props

Provide warm and cozy props for your guests to make the photo booth more winter-themed. Great ideas include:

  • Faux fur wraps and shawls
  • Knit scarves, hats, and gloves
  • Flannel shirts and buffalo plaid blankets
  • Fleece jackets and vests
  • Hot chocolate mugs, marshmallow skewers, and graham crackers for s’mores

Having wintry accessories on hand will make your photo booth snaps extra special. Just remind guests to return props after use so everyone enjoys them!

Incorporate seasonal backdrops  

Transform your photo booth into a winter wonderland with some scenic backdrops. Here are some possibilities:

  • A snowy forest with bare trees wrapped in twinkling lights
  • A mountain landscape with a cozy cabin
  • A snow-globe scene with falling flakes
  • An icy pond setting with snow-dusted benches or bridges
  • A holiday background with poinsettias, wreaths, and ornaments

You can rent a backdrop or create one yourself. Get creative with wintry vignettes and scenes to embrace the season.

Offer hot beverages 

By providing hot beverages, you can keep your guests warm at your photo booth hire near me. Offer a self-serve area with things like:

  • Whipped cream and mini marshmallows in hot chocolate
  • Apple cider or hot spiced cider
  • Coffee with flavored creamers like peppermint or caramel
  • Tea with lemon and honey
  • Wine or cider spice mulling

Provide disposable cups so guests take their drinks into the booth for photos. It makes for some fun and casual shots!

Add wintry filters and frames

Incorporate some cold-weather flair into your photo booth prints. Many photo booth rental companies offer custom templates with borders and overlays. Ask about options like:

  • Snowflake frames or borders
  • Icy patterns and textures 
  • Holly leaves and berry frames
  • Snowy filter effects
  • Twinkling string lights overlay
  • Ornaments and ribbon frames
  • Holiday word art like “Let it Snow!”

Wintry filters and borders make the photo booth prints extra festive for your winter wedding. Guests will love these seasonal touches! It’s easy to transform an ordinary photo booth into a winter wonderland. Brainstorm ways to add cozy, seasonal props and decor to make your booth magical for your winter wedding. Your guests will have so much fun posing and remembering your special day with chilly and cheerful photos!

Consider group shots

Don’t forget about the possibility of fun group shots in the photo booth! Your booth should be spacious enough to accommodate groups of 4-6 people. Provide guests with group photos throughout the reception by having your attendant suggest them to them. Friends, families, and bridal parties will love piling in together. And you’ll end up with great casual shots of all your favorite people.

Play up the lighting

Lighting makes a big impact on photo booth photos. Icy blue or turquoise lighting will give a wintry feel. You also string twinkle lights around the interior edges of the booth. And look for floor lamps or tabletop lights with a modern or retro vibe. Fun lighting will elevate your photo booth to a whole new level.

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