Power Outage Safety Tips

Power outages can cause a host of problems. Here’s how to keep yourself safe during a blackout.

Only Use Flashlights To Light Your Way

Flashlights should be used as the only source of illumination during a power outage. Lighting multiple candles inside your home greatly increases the chances of a house fire.

Dress for Outdoor Weather

When the power goes out and your HVAC system stops working, your house will gradually revert to outside temperatures. Dress appropriately for the season to keep yourself safe until the power comes back on. Failing to do so can prove harmful to your health.

Conserve Your Phone’s Battery Life

During a blackout, your cell phone is often your only lifeline to the outside world. Try your best to preserve your phone’s battery by powering it off or by using its energy-saving mode. Only use your phone for important tasks, such as reading up on news related to the power outage, checking the weather, or making emergency calls.

Plug your phone into a portable charger when the battery is getting low and do not charge it all the way.

Unplug Electronics and Appliances

Unplugging electronic devices can protect them from potentially damaging power surges that can occur when the power is trying to come back online.

If you did not unplug your fridge before the power returned, be sure to check that it is working properly and contact a refrigeration service Corpus Christi company if there is a problem. Pitch any food that may have gone bad while the refrigerator was without power.

Avoid Letting Carbon Monoxide Into Your Home

Do not use a generator if it is situated inside the home or garage. Do not allow your gas stove to stay on continuously to try and warm up your home. And do not attempt to use your grill inside the home. Engaging in any of these activities can result in carbon monoxide poisoning, which can prove fatal.

Following these safety tips during a power outage can help to keep you and your family safe until the power comes back on.

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