Pre-employment Screenings Can Help Keep Your Company Vehicles Safe

Do you own a business? If so, that’s great to hear. You’ve put forth the effort and now get to call the shots. However, that also means you have a lot on your plate. For instance, if you need employees, you’ve got to interview people and try to find the best candidates to form a top-notch team. Also, if the organization provides services, you’ll need to purchase them too.

Plus, there’s the constant worrying about workers wrecking the cars, trucks, or SUVs as well. Speaking of which, did you know there might be a way to provide you some peace of mind? How? With pre-employment driving record screenings, that’s how. Various companies do these investigations and look into what people have or have not done. Some of the items the exams cover include but are not limited to the following.

  • Violent Crimes
  • Driving Violations
  • Drug And Alcohol Incidents

Put Your Company First

Hiring people with multiple infractions could be a mistake because if they drive erratically or are negligent somehow, accidents might occur and ones that they cause. Then, your insurance company will have to compensate victims for their damages, causing your rates to go through the roof. Of course, if the injured party decides to sue for some reason, that could leave your organization paying out a hefty amount of restitution.

What types of employees should have pre-employment driver screenings? Well, there are entirely too many places to list each one here, but these examples should give you the gist of it. Plumbers, electricians, and construction workers all fit the bill for screenings. Limo drivers, landscapers, truckers, and others who make deliveries do as well. The point is that if a person is going to drive a company vehicle, it is in the boss’s best interest to take action and put their establishment first. That can save them headaches and a ton of grief in the long run.

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