Prevention of hyperthermia in Frenchie Bull Dogs – A Brief Guide

Almost every one of us had heard of the relationship between a French bulldog and hyperthermia! It’s a condition that any Frenchie dog owner must avoid due to the dangers it entails. We have compiled a list of small things we can do to help our puppy cool down better.

How to Avoid the Chances of Hyperthermia in Frenchie Bulldogs?

If you need to leave the house with your pet on a hot day, bring a pet bottle full of cold water. Keep a little pot for him so that he can drink water comfortably and keep a cold towel. Apart from that, you can also get DIY frozen treats for your bulldog to help regulate their body temperature.

In most cases, dogs suffer because they’ve been locked in cars while owners go for shopping or having lunch. In these cases, the dogs end up succumbing, even with the windows left half-opened.

It is true that owners don’t do it out of malice. They are simply naive about the dangers of leaving a dog locked in a car in the hot summer days. However, not all dogs that die from the heat. Sometimes, they die without their owners around.

This is the case of a couple who went on holiday to the Algarve. This couple had a French bulldog that they took with them on vacation. So far, so good! But, during the trip, the couple could not predict the line of cars they were going to take.

Now, the French bulldog who accompanied them, with such affection, had a respiratory crisis. He couldn’t survive, and at last, he died.

The owners tried everything to help their faithful companion, did their best, and tried everything they remembered to help the poor dog. They tried as if it was a child, but it was worthless!

What is Hyperthermia?

Hyperthermia is the increase in body temperature to levels above those that can be tolerated by dogs. This condition can trigger loss of consciousness, pulmonary edema, seizures, and cardiac arrest. To get hyperthermia DIY frozen treats for your bulldog to help regulate their body temperature

How to lower the dog’s body temperature?

Take it to the shade (or air conditioner) immediately;

Wet it with cold water if it is excessively panting;

Cover it with the cold towel to keep the body fresh (the cold towel is an item that shouldn’t be missed from the Frenchie kit);

Keep your dog in cold water or wrapped in a cold towel until his breathing returns to normal.

Hope this helps!! So, follow these tricks in the hot days and save your furry from the extreme heat.  To get the right products for your Frenchie like French bulldog Harness and more, make sure that you visit the best online dog store near your today!!

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