Reasons Why You Would Need a Notary


Whenever you need a document notarized, you usually visit a bank or a legal office. That’s because these types of businesses regularly require a notary to stamp a variety of documents. If you’re curious what other kinds of things you would need a notary to sign, here are the most common.

Mortgage Documents

When you’re purchasing a home, you have to sign mountains of paperwork. This is when notary services Sarasota FL can verify that you’re the person signing. Some of these notarized forms include the deed of trust, promissory note, truth in lending disclosure and the mortgage agreement itself.

Power of Attorney (POA)

power of attorney (POA) is a document permitting the person of your choice to manage your affairs in the event you’re not able to. There are different types of powers of attorney such as general, health care, durable and ones for specialized tasks. These documents will require both your signature and a notary’s to be valid.

Last Will and Testament

When you sign your last will and testament, most states require two witnesses. While the will itself doesn’t need to be notarized, the self-proving affidavit that’s attached to the will is. This document is where the witness swears you signed the will and that you are of sound mind.

Custody Agreements

When a couple with children gets divorced, they create a custody agreement. This contract is notarized and shows who agrees to have physical custody of the children and sets a visitation schedule. To enforce the agreement in court, it must be officially filed and a judge makes the final decision.

As you can see, there is a good reason that lawyers and real estate offices have a notary on staff. When you’re ready to make out a will or purchase a home, you’ll become even more familiar with notarization.



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