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Reasons You Should Call an Electrician

Do you have problems with the electricity in your home? If you ignore issues, they could turn a minor, easy fix into a catastrophic situation. No matter how old your home is, if you ever find any issues with your electricity, you need to call for an electrician to come out and evaluate them. Here are some reasons you should call an electrician.

Flickering Lights

When you turn on your vacuum, do you notice that the lights dim? Some appliances use a lot of power to work, and if your outlets are all on the same circuits, you could be taxing the system when you turn something on. An electrician will evaluate the problem and will most likely add another line for the circuits to run on. While you’re waiting for an electrician to come out, avoid using multiple powerful appliances at one time.

Warm Outlets or Switches

If you find that your outlet or light switch is warm when you touch it, you want to avoid using it and call for an electrical contractor Philadelphia PA to evaluate the problem. Sometimes switches and outlets have more power going through them than they can handle, which is why they heat up. The warmth could happen from a change in the electrical system or because part of the unit is broken. Because an overloaded switch or outlet is a serious fire risk, you should completely stop using the warm unit until an electrician can fix the problem.

Old Home

Electrical safety codes are constantly changing, and there is a good chance that if you have just purchased an older home, your home isn’t up to code. If you remove a faceplate for an outlet and see wires wrapped in cloth instead of tape, you’ll want to call to have the electricity looked at. Some older electrical methods are still safe and don’t need upgrading. Others need to be fixed immediately. An electrician will look over the wiring at your house and let you know what needs correcting.

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