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Reinvent Inner Spaces with Wall Art

What is a house but a structure made of bricks and mortar? The walls, ceiling, and floor do not make a house a home. It is how it is accessorized and bedecked that gives it a personalized and unique character. The wall color schemes, textures, décor, and furnishings are pivotal parameters around which glamorizing the interiors revolves. If the house is a new one, it’s like beginning from a scratch that allows working around all the above areas. Whatever combination employed shall bring about never before sheer and grace. Unfortunately, the job gets a tad bit tricky and difficult when it comes to redoing an old space. And this is when certain hacks and new-age ideas can come in handy!

Having said that, if taking up a renovation task of a ramshackle house, either opt for a new wall color or maybe just swap and accentuate old corners with quirky and contemporary home décor. A new spectrum of colors is like gaining a new perspective. They can give a new meaning to the whole space, bringing about illumination and depth to the area. There is also one trend that is buzzing globally today is wall art instead of old-school wall painting. Wall Art is a way of home decoration that deals with placing a piece of statement art on a wall to give it a classy finesse. It could be a wall painting, mural, sculpture, artificial flower arrangement, or many more. Sounds interesting, right? Here is a look at the upcoming and trending wall art ideas that can be adopted right away!

  1. 3D Printing – Yes, it is true. Living in 3 dimensions can be immensely exciting and prove to be an ideal out-of-the-box option! It draws immediate recognition of the viewer and gives a surreal look to the whole wall.
  2. Wall Decals – Wall Decals is a fast-trending wall art idea. They are most preferred for their low prices, ease of application, maintenance, and removal. The prints come in a wide range of designs, colors, themes, and patterns to choose from. It could either be matching with the furnishings or altogether contrasting. Removing them also doesn’t leave any marks on the walls and can be re-applied at any other spot.
  3. Posters – For those who are obsessed with a sport, or cinema, or a TV series; one of the craziest ideas to ornate the dull walls is to put up wall posters of teams, celebrities, and characters. It gives spaces a very personalized character. They are super pocket-friendly and mostly opted by those on a budget.
  4. Textured Rug – a peculiar feature of the Iranian culture and art, a wall accented with a fine and handwoven rug in some exciting colors can bring in a breath of fresh air. These rugs carry tradition, heritage, and antiqueness when put up on a dark-colored wall.
  5. Ceramic Plates and Pots – Another quirky yet elegant idea of wall art is placing hand-painted ceramic plates and flower pots on the walls. It adds an element of elegance and timelessness to the wall and works magically with printed wallpapers and wooden furniture.
  6. Wall Panels – Statement and large pieces of art when hung across a wall will certainly stand out. They cover almost the whole space and symbolize continuity. Once this is placed, no other décor is needed on the wall and gives a feeling of moving around an art gallery. All art buffs can think of giving this a try!

Wall arts are not limited to these trends. It is all about appraising and bringing out one’s creativity, artistry, and expressiveness.

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