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Needing to tear off old roofing first can double the price of even a standard asphalt roof shingles roofing replacement. Code does enable a second layer of tiles to be added to an existing shingled roofing system. However, it’s not the most effective technique, as leaving the old roof shingles on doesn’t let you check for and repair any kind of damage to the roof sheathing.

  • Leakages

A leak doesn’t constantly indicate you have to change the entire roof covering. A lot of leakages happen at penetrations such as skylights or plumbing vents. In many cases, repairing the flashing at the infiltration will deal with the leakage.

  • Ice Dams

In cool environments, leaks usually take place along the eaves because of ice damming. If heat leaks in the attic room melt snow over the roofing system, the meltwater is might start refreezing if it goes down inside the colder overhangs, and form ice dams. When water from added snow thaw backs up behind an ice dam, it can function its way under the roof shingles, as well as leakage within. Ice dams can call for a prompt, momentary fix, followed by a longer-term method when problems enable.

A newly shingled roofing deck, in the colder areas of the region, might need three-feet of a self-adhering, bituminous ice as well as water membrane blinking at the eves. To waterproof, this unsafe portion of the roofing system is always the very best practice in avoiding ice dam damage to the roof, as well as the home inside.

  • Solar Panels

One instance of when you most definitely replace an existing old roof is prior to installing photovoltaic panels. Because photovoltaic panels have a life expectancy of 20-30 years, you require to make certain the roof below is going to last as long.

  • Tips to Bear In Mind When Working With a Pro

Picking a quality roofer is essential. Don’t choose based upon price alone. Examine references and also obtain a certification of liability as well as employees comp insurance policy from the service provider and any type of subcontractors he uses. Figure out if the professional has taken any type of producer’s training for the roofing you pick. or perhaps a business accredited installer.

Make certain to ask just how your yard, as well as structure growing, will be safeguarded during tear-off, in addition to whether the employees will be using OSHA-required fall-protection equipment. You should comprehend how the service provider manages unexpected concerns such as rotten sheathing uncovered throughout tear-off, as well as rely on this happening.

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